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Why I want a Classic Alfa Romeo

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The looks

Italians have an unrivalled sense of style that also translates into their cars. Perfect proportions, sculpted lines. Inside everything is looks and smells like you wish it would. Besides Ferrari, Maserati and Lamborghini the only way you can get the looks and all the Italian qualities from the big boys is in an Alfa Romeo.

The Pedigree

Alfa Romeo is in a bit of a renaissance, going back to its origins, building fast and desirable machines.

Some of you might remember, Alfa Romeo was once one of the top dogs. It sat at the top of the food chain, winning Mille Miglia, Targa Florio, Le Mans, you name it they won it at some point in time.

Enzo Ferrari once said "I still have, for Alfa, the tenderness of a first love. The pure affection of a child for his mother." It's hard to get an higher praise than that.

The Enthusiasts

Alfas, actually are for nice people! If you love Alfas, you love them all. From the expensive and exclusive 8C to the 147.

Go to a meet, have a chat with a few Alfisti and you'll quickly understand. You'll never find garage queens, they drive them, race them as it should be with any vehicle. I went to a meet with my old 33 hatchback and got compliments from owners of way more impressive Alfas.

They are more reliable and fun than you think

The transaxle is one of the main pillars of Alfa Romeos lengenday handling, that coupled with light weight a well-placed gear shifter and the double cam engine raspy sound makes for a pretty impressive driving experience.

As I previously stated I own a 33, I don't consider it a classic Alfa yet, it is a fairly recent and common model it lacks some of the features from 70s and 80s cars that made them a bit more special, but driving it, turned me into a real petrolhead, that's why I love it. It was my first car, my ticket into the automotive world.

Mechanically its exactly like an Alfa Romeo Sprint. The Boxer engine sounds like no other and the rear solid axle makes for a fun handling fwd car. I've owned it for 8 years and drove it daily for three of them. It never needed more than regular maintenance (fluids and filters) and a few rubber hoses. Just get a good mechanic that's used to these old Italian cars and you shouldn't have any trouble. Drive them regularly and enjoy them!

They like to be revved and driven hard, the more they sit more the worse they drive!

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