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      Why I will never be calm around Motorcycle drivers (Personal experience)

      A long story of why I will NEVER be calm around a motorcycle while I`m driving my car on Traffic.

      Since I earned my driving license I was aware of two things when it came to driving in the city, You drive to get places and if you want to get to places you have to obey those sticks with signs on the side of the road alongside respecting other road users, and having the privilege of operating a motor vehicle is also a license to kill (Not literally) since any mistake you do can kill someone.

      When you drive, checking your mirrors is a vital thing when it comes to merge, they are there for a reason and even with a blind spot they will have a practical use, only motorcycles will be able to hide on these and cause accidents.

      But why I will never be calm around motorcycle drivers? Is it the excessive noise? The ability to slip between lanes like a ghost?

      I got to admit I will never be calm around Motorcycles, even if their driver endure more stress than the average car driver it`s not a exculpatory reason to be aggressive as a Japanese wasp as soon you smack their nest with a crowbar neither complaining about EVERYTHING that moves on the road.

      my two most notable scratches I had with them reminded me how aggressive they can get if things don`t go their way, if you`re lucky to don`t get your car messed with they will moan and complain reciting your numberplate on video so people treat you as a driving menace even if it was a single mistake out of a million you could do.

      "why they can`t use their horn like a normal person?"


      My first bad experience with motorcycle drivers came several months ago last year when my A/C was barely working causing me to sweat a lot,as I turned right into the avenue and went to the left lane (Passing lane) to speed up I still checked my mirrors and made sure to look first, I indicated even if there was no one to see it but just before I could put more than half of my car`s width on the left lane I hear a furious Wasp bouncing off it`s limiter (which is still a mistery how I couldn`t hear the initial hard downshift)

      I swerved back into my lane startled by the sudden rev, As I saw him slowly roll next to me I opened my window to try and apologize but he didn`t even want to listen and went on to insult me, Knowing what would come next as he slowly glided closer to me I folded my driver mirror awaiting the classic Justice movement Motorcycle Vloggers pull off on their videos

      So he came closer to my car`s driver side and I went to the slow lane taking cover with a bus that was on the middle lane frustrating his mirror smashing attempt so he slows down behind me and keeps on cursing his guts at me approaching my driver side keeping up pace, fearing for my integrity I knew It was justified if I defended myself, I held the steering wheel tight and swerved quickly to the right against the line of parked cars but just before smashing into him I pulled back into the left, he was so focused on smashing my mirror that he didn`t see I was approaching him until I was practically ontop of him, with him weighing only 175kg versus my 1.4 tons it was hardly a fair fight, he gave gas accidentally and fishtailed due to not holding the handlebar with both arms, he had to put a foot on the floor to avoid falling and deciding that smashing my mirror to teach me a lesson wasn`t worth me squashing him like a bug against another car he sped away running a red light looking back at me.

      For your information… this certainly left me scared even if I was on my right to defend my property from damages and assault by this individual... can you Imagine the life changing consequences for him? I haven`t known more about him but I`m pretty sure he`s still clowning around, some day he will find someone crazier than me willing to squash him against a barrier and will deeply regret it.

      So i took a warm Nestea and relaxed myself saying that it was just likely a idiot among other riders, However i was pretty wrong on this since a few months later after this incident I got the wish I didn`t wish for. Smashing an agressive driver out of his vehicle with all the rights to do so.

      The damage to my front bumper after PIT a motorcycle

      The damage to my front bumper after PIT a motorcycle

      You may see this tiny little scratch right? that`s no parking scratch but rather the remainder of a PIT maneuver on a Crotch rocket after his rider assaulted me on the motorway over a road rage incident.

      This incident happened back on October when I was returning from work with one of my friends sitting on the copilot seat, his car was on the body shop getting a respray and it wouldn`t be ready to roll until a few days later, just so you have an idea the highway that enters on the city of valencia becomes a 2 lane bottleneck since the slow lane becomes an exit that heads to a highway that goes to the freight docks of the city, So the fast & the middle lane turn into two for at least 15 Metters before turning back into 3 lanes on the bridge over the railway depot (This must be the worst built highway I have ever seen)

      On that moment there was a light traffic jam in which cars easily went up to 55kph, the "fast lane" was getting congested so I went to the right lane and indicated, made sure I was clear to do the maneuver, asked for permission.. and went on to the "middle" lane but of course, I heard a crotch rocket overreving their nuts off on my right side at the back (At the road shoulder where no vehicle can drive) I can tell that the motrocycle driver wanted to merge ahead of me since that likely gave him some kind of rewarding sensation, but no... I was the most evil douche for merging legally instead of letting him play speed racer on a bussy traffic jam, The reason why I couldn`t see him was due to him being on my blind side as he attempted to lane split endangering himself and other drivers.

      So I repeat the procedure for this case. Open the window, try to apologize etc... but no, he was certainly pissed off like the first case and my friend already was pulling his phone out just in case anything happened and boy it did!

      he hits my rear passenger door still out of his mind (He lightly dented it) I shouted him to don`t touch my car as we cruised on the light traffic jam, I heard a couple of honks behind me and then I heard a second hit, that`s where I had it with him even if I tried my best to hold back, as soon he hit me a third time and looked back forward he was ready to drop a gear and dissapear with his Numberplate bent inwards, so I took advantage of that and as soon it accelerated my bumper met his rear wheel bumping it lightly, he slipped and fishtailed (He was cruising at 45 and barely got to do higher before getting bumped)

      The consequences? Not nice for him for sure.

      Unluckily for him he lost control of the R1 and got ejected out of the motorcycle like a cork, he landed on his right foot twisting it, rolled a couple of times on the asphalt hitting his shoulder, even if I felt like using him as a speed bump I knew he had enough feeling how asphalt tastes like so I slammed the brakes and veered away from him, people behind me freaked out as I pulled over to the shoulder and quickly hit the emergency lights, even if it was a slow fall he was laying down like he was sunbathing on the beach, not much damage on my car as I checked the bumper, as for his motorcycle it was surely wrecked while my car only had a small scratch, He was beaten up while I was without a scratch.

      He got up from the ground as I slammed close the door behind me, limping a bit he l extended sis arms telling me he didn`t want any more beef but after a decent gentlemen talk which involved smashing his helmet visor into his eyes and was promptly interrupted by my copilot telling me he already had enough of a beating I was sure he got the message to don`t mess with my property.

      I still regret this incident didn`t happen at late night by many reasons since it would have been easier to just beat up an idiot on a crotch rocket, throw his keys away down to the bridge and leave him on the shoulder having the courtesy to call an ambulance and calmly drive away and as he waits for it he is left to think about if that mirror smashing was really worth the price of injury but no... My decency made me call an ambulance and drag the now useless motorcycle away from the middle lane so we didn`t worsen the traffic jam and make sure he was still conscious.

      I take no pride on doing this but I will ask you a question... do you think it was really worth assaulting a car over a minor road incident and finding out there`s people who won`t hold back and beat you up without thinking twice? After this second incident I decided to just don`t care about my mistakes as soon I see a two wheeled vehicle on my mirror I certainly won`t hesitate again to make them eat a mouthful of hard asphalt if they touch my car since this applies to me.

      Touch or Assault my car= Touching or assaulting me

      So please mark my words, I don`t care if a car or a truck lightly cuts you off, DO NOT HIT any vehicle over a small mistake on the road, Someday you`ll end up running into someone who won`t hesitate to hit you back harder with a heavier vehicle, the most painful part won`t be eating a mouthful of asphalt but rather what happens afterwards, get beaten up senseless, get shot on the chest? killed and thrown away to the river? You decide the price for having the privilege of smashing a mirror, it`s your vehicle and your choices.



      Please, Don`t be this guy... Use your horn button on your handlebar, It conects to a small buzzer that upon pressed a electrical charge will activate it and make sound to warn others of your position, RevBombs are more likely to scare a driver and cause him to end up jerking the steering wheel towards you sending into the asphalt you want to avoid hitting with your body, if your horn isn`t enough pay for installing a louder one on your motorcycle!

      And remember that roads aren`t racetracks, Don`t pull wheelies or burnouts to impress your Chav girlfriend, just enjoy the ride and feel how you glide on the asphalt in comparison to other drivers feeling safe on their cars.

      Seriously, don`t hit cars, they can hit back and way harder than you.

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      • I'm both a driver and a biker, and I can understand why the biker(s) get so mad at you. But instead of calmly pulling over to the side of the road these geniuses decided to seek revenge and ultimately destroy their ride like, is it really worth it?

          2 years ago
        • Not worth it as I could see on the last experience, I only paid 300€ of damages on my ride, while his ride completely wrecked+hospital bills. Definitively not worth it.

          So far the most peaceful riders I met are Touring riders, they can say...

          Read more
            2 years ago
      • I honestly can’t believe what I just read. You openly admit to ramming a rider off his bike? In the UK that’s dangerous driving and aggravated assault with a deadly weapon.

          1 year ago
        • He assaulted my car first, I tried to warn him to don't hit my car, the second hit is where I had it, his numberplate was pointing downwards being impossible to read, it was better to just smash him up than trying to find a ghost rider.


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            1 year ago
        • Absolutely not. You could’ve killed him over it.

            1 year ago


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