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Why I will never be calm around Motorcycle drivers (Personal experience)

Since I first got my driving license, I was aware of two things, driving in the city is to get to places,if you want to go places you also have to obey those sticks with signs on the side of the road and respect other users that want to get to places as well, and the number two thing? Having a driving license Is also a license to kill (not literally) but you can kind of catch my drift, any mistake you do can accidentally kill you or anyone else on the road, however that is up to you in EVERY decision you take, including following the rules.

I know the way I`m in both the inside and how i "Work" in my brain I also know my body perfectly along my car, and I could say I` drive safely since I must be a rare breed of driver that follows both the rules and limits along doing the ocasional procedures (double check blind angles, safety distance...etc) and If I ever mess up I always try to apologize for the error and afterwards there won`t be any more errors in my part.

When you drive, checking your mirrors is a vital thing and obligatory even if you`re on a single way road, the reason you have side mirrors and a central mirror inside the car is to help to see what you have on both sides of the car and what`s directly right behind you, despite this help you will ALWAYS have a blind spot on the rear pillars, a car or a truck cannot hide on these since the dimensions are too big, but motorcycles can for 1-2 seconds so double checking is a must including hearing a bit (That`s why electric motorcycles should be forbidden) and since I have friends that drive motorcycles I always double check before doing any maneuver since they appear the less you expect.

But why I will never be calm around motorcycle drivers? Is it the excessive noise? The ability to slip between lanes like a ghost?

"All it takes is a swerve for the car driver to easily wipe out an aggressive biker, can a motorcycle do the same? I think not"


I just will never be calm around Motorcycles in General, I admit their drivers endure more stress than the average car driver, However this is NOT a exculpatory reason to be agressive as a japanese wasp as soon you smack their nest with a crowbar, neither complaining about EVERYTHING that moves on the road

my two notable scratches with them made me pretty clear how agressive they can get, if they don`t behave agressively at you after a small mistake they will moan and complain about you and recite your numberplate for their small youtube channel so their fans smash up your car.

My first bad experience with motorcycle drivers comes from several months ago back in summer when it was so hot the A/C barely cooled the interior of my car (since it barely had any lyquid) and that caused me to sweat like a man wearing a mascot fursuit.

I, turned right into the avenue… and merged into the left lane to the passing lane to speed up (there was barely any traffic at that hour) however I still checked my mirrors a single time and proceeded to do the maneuver indicating despite driving practically alone, but before more than half of my car was on the overtaking lane I heard a furious engine downshifting hitting the limiter in neutral (I still wonder how I didn’t hear the initial zoom noise)

To avoid the inminent collision, I quickly swerved back to the middle lane praying he wouldn`t hit me, I quickly opened the window to try and apologize for this mistake but the driver didn`t even want to listen, he cursed on me and all of my descendance, as he kept going on I fold my driver mirror awaiting a classic "Justice" movement all motorcycle vloggers pull off on their videos.

but the guy? He didn’t even want to listen, he curses on me and all of my descendance, as he goes on, I hit the button to fold my mirrors expecting his classic “justice” movement all bike vloggers pull off on their videos.

"¿why they never use their horn as a normal person?"


so he came closer to my car and I swerve to the right to avoid him getting close and I took advantage of a bus that was driving in the middle lane (I took cover on the slow lane)frustrated he slowed down behind me and proceeds to furiously pass me on the passenger side but kept up the pace and shouted retrying his action so I got ready to defend my car against him, holding the steering wheel I got in position to swerve quick at him but back off in the last second with my foot on the accelerator.

With confidence he approached me slowly and headed to my folded mirror about to punch it off, but what I did? Well 1 ton and 550kg versus the puny 175kg of both biker and motorcycle wouldn`t go well so he raised his head not expecting it, but before i smashed into him I swerved away from the motorcycle, since he was holding the handlebar with one hand he accidentally gave gas and then he fishtailed, and lost stability nearly falling and had to put a foot on the asphalt to avoid loosing control, still scared of that brief scrape with death he looked to the ground 1-2 seconds looks at me still trying to threathen me and then he decided that getting revenge against me smashing my mirror wasn`t worth it if the price meant me squishing him against a concrete barrier, then he proudly sped away fleeing the scene not even think about what could have happened.

For your information… this left me scared even if I had the high ground and I was on my right to defend myself, but what if I decided to go on and pancake him against a concrete barrier with a 1 ton vehicle? Can you imagine the life changing consequences for him? even if I held back he would just do it the next day and unluckily would find someone crazier than me eventually.

I took some warm lime tea and relaxed myself afterwards saying that it was only an idiot among other riders. However, I was wrong on this statement since the other bad experience would come a few months later already entering in October and I truly got to feel satisfaction I later regretted.

The damage to my front bumper after PIT a motorcycle

altough this looks like a small parking scratch do not be fooled, this swedish tank hit a motorcycle on the rear wheel after it`s rider assaulted my property.

All of this happened on October when I returned from work with one of my friends riding shotgun on the copilot seat, his car was at the paint shop and it wouldn`t be ready to roll until a few days later, When you enter on the city of Valencia you enter in a 2 lane bottle neck since the third lane (which is the slow lane) turns into an exit that heads for the freight docks of the city, so the fast and middle lane turn into two for at least 10-20 meters before turning back into 3 lanes on the bridge over the railway (since the highway is badly built)

on that moment there was a light traffic jam, but still I could hit 55kph perfectly and since the fast lane was getting congested I decided to merge in the middle since it moved faster than the fast lane, I checked my sides, indicated asked for permission... and moved to the middle lane.

But no... from my right side before I even have a chance to fully merge I hear a crotch rocket revving hard behind me (I couldn`t see him since he was on my blind spot lanesplitting, trying to do a illegal overtake I must mention) the intention of the motorcycle rider was simple, just merge ahead of me because that likely gave him excitement.

As I noticed how expensive was his motorcycle (easily over the 30k mark) his driver started making mention of my "poor" driving skills (despite him trying to pull a illegal overtake) and shouted over and over about me almost killing him despite the low speeds, so my friend got nervous and quickly looked for the cellphone on his pants in case any shit happened and it did

"the motorcycle driver Assaulted my car over a mistake despite him trying to pull a illegal overtake that could have endangered us both"


He assaulted my car hitting it`s passenger sidem and even if I shouted at him he kept hitting me (he dented the rear passenger door)and I got pissed since he kept riding along me, a trucker blew his horn… I try and hold back but then he hit me a third time before I swerved towards him as he attempted to drop a gear and disappear, the front part of my bumper hit his rear as he accelerated, this caused him to slip and fishtail (he equipped street slicks)

Unfortunately he lost it and got ejected out of the bike like a cork and landed on his feet twisting it a bit and rolls against the asphalt bouncing a bit on his shoulder, I slammed the brakes to avoid turning him into a speed bump resisting the temptation of doing so, my friend freaks out before I swerve towards the shoulder and quickly hit the emergency lights, he still laid on the ground as neymar does during a football game as I check the damage on my car.

His motorcycle was wrecked for sure, my car only had a dent and a small scratch on the front bumper, while I'm ok, he was beaten up. As he gets up from the ground with difficulty limping a bit, he lifted his arms to tell me he doesn’t want any beef as soon I headed over to him with a stern look on my face, I won`t tell the way I "talked" to him but he quickly got the message as soon I punched his helmet visor in shattering it as I felt like smashing him into a bloody pulp but still being held back by my friend that clutched my shoulder.

I don’t take pride on any of this. But... I will only ask a question... if you were the one laying on the ground do you think it was worth hitting me over a small mistake and getting beaten up twice for it?

After this second incident in which I was forced to take rash action in order to prevent further damage and teach a lesson I decided that I don’t care if they start it or not, as soon I see a motorcycle on my mirror, I won’t hesitate to make them eat a mouthful of asphalt if they even touch my car over a minor road mistake, no buts… touch/assault my car->touch/assault me.

Mark my words and remember them.

-I don`t care if that minivan, Sedan,4x4, pickup truck... or whatever the other guy/girl/trans is driving, DO NOT hit a car over a small mistake on the road even if it almost kills you, maybe one day you will encounter someone that won´t hesitate to use their car as a weapon against you (since you assaulted them) or in the worst of case you can get shot, as soon you get hit the painful part not only it will be the fall but if the driver decides you eating a mouthful of asphalt isn’t enough this may happen, eventually you meet a much bigger gun.

-Use your horn as a normal person, it’s a small button with a trumpet sign on the handlebar, press it with your thumb and it will warn other drivers, and if it is not loud enough install a louder one, Rev bombs may be cool and intimidating, but the only thing you risk is seizing the engine or the driver you try to make aware of its mistake to jerk the steering wheel (since you scared it) and send you into the asphalt.

-Roads aren’t racetracks, don’t pull wheelies…etc just enjoy the ride and feel the space around you, there is no need to drive like a race, look the scenery and feel it around you, just you gliding on the asphalt this is all you need to know.

Hope this message is clear to everyone.