Why I'll be watching Moto GP for the first time in 2019

If you're into motorsport; normally you're either a car person or a bike person.

Don't get me wrong - you can appreciate both - but 99 per cent of people at least have a preference. For me, cars are infinitely better than bikes. Every day of the week.

I was adamant I wouldn't be swayed on this opinion, but last night I had the pleasure of being part of the live audience for BT Sport's annual end-of-season Moto GP review.

While it didn't change my ignorant opinion, it did serve as a timely reminder to stop neglecting bikes purely because they don't possess the correct amount of wheels.

As much as I enjoyed it, I couldn't help but feel I stuck out like a sore thumb.

No, not because I'm the lankiest human to ever exist and was stood next to the 5'2" bloke next to me, but because of my astounding lack of knowledge compared to everyone else in the room.

But it wasn't just the guilt I felt for not 'deserving' a spot in the crowd that has convinced me to finally get around to watching two-wheeled action next year; it's because I genuinely felt that I've been missing out.

Getting up close and personal to the bikes after the show, welcoming multiple world champion Jorge Lorenzo to the stage as he limped past, and reliving the season highlights certainly made an impression on me.

The 2018 Ducati looking more like a spaceship than a bike

Before this, my only real experience with spectating bikes has been at the Goodwood Festival of Speed, but even then that was only because they were in the same batch as the F1 cars.

I wasn't completely oblivious to Moto GP - I don't live under a rock - but this season I had become slightly more aware thanks to certain videos going viral.

The obvious one is Romano Fenati's unbelievable behaviour at Misano where he grabbed a competitor's brake, which quite frankly you have to see to believe.

My personal favourite, though, was the bike surfing in the rain at the Red Bull Ring, because that slow-mo shot is just marvellous.

When I got home from the recording, I watched some clips back from the 2018 season, and through the magic of YouTube recommendations quickly found myself watching Moto3 races where riders went seven-wide for the lead on the final lap. Incredible scenes.

As much as I enjoyed these, I found myself left slightly frustrated at the fact I'd neglected what I'd regarded as 'the dark side' of motorsport for so long, and I was unsurprised at the fact that it has such a mass appeal.

Triumph's Moto2 bike was also pretty special up close

So, from now on I vow not to completely ignore the world of bike racing purely on the basis that they're not racing cars.

Now let's see if I stick to it.

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