Why I'm barely using my epic triplescreen desk

Hint: it's VR let me tell you how that came to be :-)

4y ago
Desk in "Desk-mode" with added flightstick setup for the other type of sim's I like

Desk in "Desk-mode" with added flightstick setup for the other type of sim's I like

About 2 years ago, I finally scored the dream of every sim-racing fan. A nice triple-screen setup and a PC powerfull enough to run it ( twin 970 GTX's )! I was so happy, I designed and built my very own desk around my sim-racing-habit, enabling me to switch between using my PC for regular stuff and racing hard through the forests in teh Eifel with a minum of hassle...

I've designed the desk to have a plate in the middle where my keyboard and mouse can rest, with the wheel mounted in the middle of the desk itself... The whole panel can be lifted out in about 30 seconds ( including stashing the keyboard and mouse under the triple-screen screen-stands in the same style as the actual desk ). And that looks like this:

Desk in simracing mode.

Desk in simracing mode.

I just want to make clear, that I really _really_ like my triple-screen setup... and yet... It's been weeks since I've truly used it and the past months I've mostly just been using the middle screen as that enables me to run the 2 GTX's at max power for... My Oculus Rift!

I had the amazing luck to try a DK1 and later a DK2 in my cellar a few years back, and I was sold! I held of on getting a DK2 myself as I felt the CV1 would be worth the wait, if I'd known how long that wait would be, I'd have gotten a DK2 after all...

So I was one of the crazy guys who pre-ordered one in the first 10 minutes the pre-orders were available. I still had to wait till late may to actually get it, but man, what an experience! Forget all the "field-of-view" bullshit you hear from people that haven't tried a CV1 ( I know it sounds hyperbole but it's truly eye-opening to have a good experience in VR and you should do everything to experience it yourself :-)

Or, do the next best thing and watch my hero ( and an amazing youtube-personality GamerMuscle ) playing in VR: www.youtube.com/watch?v=oQh6r3kAE44 He has MANY many great videos and is a joy to watch!

And I simply can not explain to you the feeling you get the first time you're diving for a corner with an opponent next to you and you actually look at the other car through your passenger-side window! Similarly, in the German rally-stage of Dirt Rally there is a specific piece of track where you're going over a slight crest before diving down for about 200m towards a hairpin turn, on tarmac, so you're flying, I'd driven that route dozens of times but the first time I did it in VR, I felt butterflies in my stomach and felt a moment of actual fear when I saw the hairpin approaching and I had to choose the perfect moment to pull my handbrake, before crashing spectacularly... It took me several minutes to recover from that, and that is exactly what I want you all to experience!

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