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Why I'm glad Sebastian vettel will staying in f1 by Jake Coare

Hello my name is Jake Coare i suffer clinical depression and anxiety and i'm a huge Formula One and Vettel fan.

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So after Ferrari announced Sebastian vettel would be leaving the team at the end of the 2020 season the F1 rumour mill started in full force over which team he was going to drive for in 2021 ,was he going to another motorsport series or retire from motorsport all together and as Sebastian vettel that worried me that my favourite could be leaving the sport I love , But I’m gladded Sebastian will be staying in Formula one with the new Aston Martin (Racing Point) team for the 2021 season.

So I became aware of Sebastian amazing talent when he drove that amazing drive in 2008 Italian Grand Prix in the heavy rain of Monza, Then those 4 magical and amazing years with Red Bull Racing, and my first time every seeing an F1 car up close was when Red Bull did a street display on the streets of Milton Keynes and hearing and seeing F1 cars live was a dream come true. And for years afterwards before and after I begged my parents to buy me a ticket to the British Grand Prix and when they brought me a ticket for 2013 British Grand Prix the first thing I did when I went to Silverstone was to go buy a vettel hat and each year I go to Silverstone I always go buy a vettel cap, and was gutted in 2013 at my first British grand prix that vettel retried from the lead of the race with a gearbox issue and each year to this day I was go and cheer for Sebastian and was so glad that I finally saw him win the British Grand Prix back in 2018.

I one day hope to meet Sebastian I actually attend quiet a few events that Vettel has done in the UK like F1 live in London and going to both days back in 2015 of the race of champions sadly I haven’t meet him sadly. As some who has Asperger’s syndrome a form of autism supporting Sebastian has been a huge part of my life and one day I hope I get to meet him.

I know Vettel last few years at Ferrari have not been good and his made mistakes along the way but to be honest we are all human everyone makes mistakes in life, making mistakes is just part of being a human. Sebastian is an amazing driver with a great personality which is funny, Caring and a huge passion for formula one and he loves this sport so much. He might be different to other drivers on the grid by not being part of social media but social media isn’t for everyone.

As a vettel fan I’m glad his staying in formula one and that he will be part of the exciting Aston Martin project and when the history books get written about Sebastian vettel time in formula one he will be remembered well.

Thank you for reading this article my name is Jake Coare and I have Asperger’s syndrome a form of autism I also suffer from clinical depression and anxiety.

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