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Why I'm Here

Literally. This article is to tell you why I am in my desk behind a laptop and writing an article for Drivetribe, i.e., how my passion for cars born.

It is curious how fate changes without advice and how the circumstances meet when something important is about to happen. I know, I do not want to get philosophic here; however, in my opinion it is very important the reason why our passion for cars began.

I was always the kind of boy that used to evade his responsibilities, so I was never allowed to decide many things until I reached 16. Five years ago (I was 13) I was really crazy for swimming, I even wanted to debut in Rio 2016 Olympics; so, I was practising for a really important competition that could propel my trajectory. For some reason, I was getting exhausted physically and starting to lose a little bit of passion, and during that time my grandparents invited me to La Carrera Panamericana. As irresponsible as always, I opted going to see race cars (of what I did not knew anything about) and incredibly, no one stopped me.

Everything started

It was a complete experience since the first mille of the trip, as I went with my grandparents in a Mini and they started to talk me about cars. Everything was new to me, differences between number of cylinder, straight or V configuration, displacement, atmospheric or turbo; it was a whole world of words I could not understand.

Once we arrived, we left our things at the hotel and immediately went to the centre of the town where La Carrera was going to stop. Few hours passes and then it happened, my first proper contact with the automotive and racing culture. Classic cars from a better time passing by, now adapted to race; racing drivers with no ego and amazing sounds from even the smallest engines. I was falling in love with something I wasn't able to understand but that I was feeling in my veins.

The very race I attended to that stole my heart.

The very race I attended to that stole my heart.

How real love feels like

Time passed and the machines were parked, ready for being photographed and the drivers ready to give autographs. I saw some jags and that was it, I officially was loving my decision of not going to the competition, I already knew that swimming wasn't going to be my real passion. Hours of photographs, autographs and few laughs and talks with really nice drivers got deep into me, I started to feel petrol inside, I started to understand the meaning of V8, L4, 3.6L, crankshaft, carburetor, amongst many others.

Once the night fell we went to the hotel and I started to think of everything that happened, I felt a strong connection and the need to involve in that beautiful culture I just discovered. The day after, I finally knew that whatever was going to happen next, I would not distance myself from cars, I became a petrolhead.

The aftermath

As every other petrolhead, what followed was a sick obsession to know everything about cars; watching motorsports, reading magazines, watch telly, youtube, racing games, and start the tradition of spotting and photographing every car worthy of attention. F1 became my biggest passion and after the need of recalculating how I was going to involve in motorsport and several talks with my grandfather who is a knowledgeable engineer, I decided to become an engineer (and also kind of journalist in Drivetribe).

So yes, this is my (quite romantic) story of why I'm here, in every single way.

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Comments (3)

  • Great story, lovely to hear how your passion for cars was sparked. I was late to cars, none of my family are petrolheads. My mum liked driving but her cars were boring family saloons, my oldest brother got into motorbikes, watching him break bones was enough to put me off of 2 wheels! So it wasn't until I started work that I fell in love. A lot of my colleagues drove classics and 'the Chelsea cruise' car meet gathered every month in the street outside. So when it came to buying my first car I went classic...a 1965 Austin Healey Sprite, and I never looked back!

      2 years ago
  • What a lovely story! Makes me want to remember how I fell in love with cars, but I can't though. Guess I was born with that passion for cars

      2 years ago


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