Why is Ford testing a mid-size wagon?

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It would appear that Ford is looking to launch a mid-size wagon within the next few years. This vehicle looks like a successor to the Fusion, but it wears the latest design language from the Fiesta and Focus. So what's the plan, Ford?

Well, it should be obvious that this is Ford's attempt to recapture the Fusion's market share, with a new Subaru Outback-esque crossover. It'll be interesting to see if they keep the Fusion name, or if Ford will name it something else. The US never received a Fusion Estate, but the Fusion Estate has been seen in Europe for years as the Mondeo Estate. So will it be named the Mondeo? Will it continue to be called the Fusion? Or will Ford decide that this new wagon needs to be named something different, like the Taurus? Only time will tell.

This new wagon will likely use the same array of engines available in the Fusion, though I would be surprised to see the 2.7-liter twin turbo V6 from the Fusion Sport. Ford will likely keep this wagon more purpose focused as opposed to tugging at the heartstrings of the tens of enthusiasts that will actually put money down on what is effectively a Fusion Estate with some plastic cladding.

What we're left with is the sportier variant of Ford's three-pronged SUV assault. It would appear that models like an “Active” line would include models like the Focus Active, a Fusion/Mondeo Active, and potentially a Taurus Active. The mid-grade SUVs would include models like the EcoSport, Puma, Escape, Edge, Explorer and Expedition. At the top of this SUV totem pole will be Ford’s performance and most capable off-roaders like the Edge ST, Explorer ST, Bronco Sport, and the Bronco.

The Takeaway

I’m not entirely sure what to think of this test mule. I’m excited for the prospect of “cars” in Ford’s lineup, because pseudo wagons like the Outback seem to do rather well in terms of sales, and I don’t think Ford is entirely keen on losing its sedan buyers to other manufacturers that are still producing compact and midsize cars. Whatever it is, it means that Ford has a lot more than just the Bronco in the pipeline, and it will be interesting to see what they unveil throughout the next auto show cycle.

Would you buy a Fusion/Mondeo Active, or is it too much of a crossover to be worthy of your hard earned enthusiast dollars?

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Comments (10)
  • Please give it an EcoBoost engine and a 6 speed manual

    23 days ago
    3 Bumps
  • I have had a lot of Fords. Escort wagon manual, zx3 focus, and fiesta ST. The current state of its lineup has my wife and father driving Subarus. Subaru sells a lot of tall wagons. Ford may be trying to get in on that market, but there was a plan for a focus based tall wagon that was canceled. I don’t think this will go anywhere. It definitely won’t be interesting I wanted the fusion sport to be good, like a SHO, but the transmission and tuning made it meh. Ford has lost its way.

    23 days ago
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