Why is Lexus testing an LFA in 2019?

5d ago


There has been a video circling the internet over the last couple days showing what looks to be a widebody Lexus LFA testing at the Nurburgring.

This is very strange as we do realise it's 2019 and the LFA came out back in 2011. That's eight years ago. What could Lexus have up their sleeve?

There has been chatter that it looks to resemble the Nürburgring edition of the LFA – but just look how wide the wheel arches are. They could just be testing new tyres and wheels which would need wider wheel arches, or it could be more? If Lexus did bring out an updated LFA it would have to be very, very good.

Another theory is they may not be improving the LFA but instead making a brand new car altogether, and using the LFA as a test car. I would be very interested to see what the new car would be like if they were to make one. It would not likely have a V10 which is a shame.

This is all speculation at the moment but if something more does come from this then you have permission to get very excited.

Would a new LFA excite you too?