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Why Is Schumacher The GOAT of F1?

Here is why Michael Schumacher is considered the GOAT of F1

11w ago

Although it's difficult to compare different F1 eras together or F1 drivers from different eras together, F1 fans still debate on which F1 driver is considered the Greatest of All Time a.k.a the GOAT.

Earlier this week a documentary about Michael Schumacher came out representing his F1 career from his beginning all the way to his retirement and the infamous accident he had in France back in 2013.

During the documentary, James Allen, a former F1 commentator, mentioned that Schumacher's objective was to take on a challenge that no other driver took which was taking Ferrari back to winning days. James also mentioned that he interviewed Michael in the past and the latter talked about the importance of this challenge to him.

Michael Talking About His Challenge

Michael mentioned that he doesn't want to win races easily or have the people at least expect him to win every weekend, he wants to fight hard for his wins. Does this solidify his GOAT status in F1? What do you think? Let us know in the comments below.

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  • Schumacher is certainly one of the best but for me is Lauda the GOAT of F1

      2 months ago