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Why is the VW Saveiro not offered in South Africa?

VW not yet convinced the Saveiro will be viable in SA.

3y ago

Recently VW revealed the Tarok double-cab pickup concept. This pickup is far larger than the Saveiro but smaller than the Amarok...The Amarok is quite popular in South Africa. South African VW fans are repeatedly asking why the Saveiro is not offered in South Africa?

There is, without any doubt, a great demand for half-tonne pickups in South Africa. So this also makes me wonder...why not bring the Saveiro to South Africa?

Carmag stated that VW had the following to say about this topic: "We have considered the Saveiro for our market [but] our research has not yet convinced us of its local viability. This is in light of all production considerations, price and market placement. However, this may change in future”.

Would you buy a VW Saveiro? Do you think VW will make a mistake offering the VW Saveiro here?


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Comments (3)

  • Saveiro is what we urgently need in SA

      1 year ago
  • There is a market. Nissan can't even keep up with the demand for its NP200 utility. Even if they don't bring the Saveiro, at least make a small utility to rival the NP200.

      9 months ago