Why It's a bad thing Renault Doesn't make the r.s. 16

What do i think about the productioncapacity at the RS factory in Dieppe, where I feel they can expand and the management of renault disagrees

So if you haven't lived under a rock you know that Renault had 2 great conceptcars in the last 2 years. They started with the renewal of the Alpine, which I am really excited about, and then they did the thing they should have done from the start. Make a little Clio RS with the 2.0 Turbo out of a Megane with a MANUAL! Because I can't stress how many people I know that gladly use their IV RS for everyday use, but when going on track they tend to look back at their Clio 2 or 3.

I am feeling that this kind of behaviour is feuling the slowly raising prices of the RS182, and the reason that I still can't decide what RS to take after I finish my study.

But why is Renault not making a car which would gather such a high demand from various enthousiasts? Well they feel that the Alpine should be first in line, and due to productionconstraints they cannot make the normal RS, Megane RS, Alpine and R.S. 16 simultaniously.

Setting up a new line in a factory costs a lot of money, we all now the Mini factory from VDL in the Netherlands. They took the risk of making a new line ahead of a completely theoretical order from BMW. It payed of and they got it, outqualifiying Oxford.

Does Renault feel that the demand for the Alpine is not set? Because we all know that the R.S. 16 will be a hit, even at a hefty price of 40k in some currency. Well they obviously find it is a gamble and they cannot have two risky projects at once, so they choose for the one that is nearly finished.

Why not wait till 2018? I dunno, but I sort of feel that with the facelift of the Clio IV phase 2 that has happened this year we will see a Clio V near 2018. Maybe then the RS will be more hardcore again?

I feel that Renault should make the investment in the next step for their production in Dieppe. Make a new line and get that R.S. 16 on the rails. It will open up space for further expansion while giving the fans the car they would have made in their dreams. This hype was just a waste of time and hope, which is not in the favour of Renault Sport.

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