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The italian sportscar could be the right choice if you're dreaming about an exotic model...

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Some weeks ago Alfa Romeo announced the end of the series production for the 4C, the "pocket supercar" (as it was defined by someone after its launch), both for the coupe and the spider edition. The carbon fiber chassis was the key feature of the 4C: it was able to provide a superb handling. Unfortunately, the price was considered too high for a car with only 241 hp, and sales didn't go as expected for this little Alfa. Rumors say that Alfa sold approximately 7000 4Cs, a small number that tells us that this car in the future could become a collector's item. If you make some researches on the net, you'll figure out that the prices for the 4C haven't decreased that much since the car launch. In the USA they are still sold at a $67,150 base price; used 4Cs in the USA are sold at about $45-50,000. In the UK instead the launch price was £52,000; you can find few used 4Cs at about £40,000. In Europe it's very hard to find good 4Cs at a price lower than €50,000. And the experts say that it could be their lowest price ever. Or better, their lower price will be reached in a two or three years' time, but it will not be much lower than the prices above. The small production numbers and the low mantainance costs are attracting more and more car enthusiasts, that would like to buy an italian sportscar but don't have enough money to afford a Ferrari or a Lamborghini or are afraid of the high mantainance costs. The 4C could be a financial imvestment, as it could become in few years a car of historical interest: hurry up, the number of 4Cs available is low and it's the right moment to buy it.

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