- James May and fellow motoring journalist Andrew Frankel

Why James May got fired from Autocar magazine

What he did was genius but he did get fired for it...

10w ago

It is no secret that motoring journalist James "Captain Slow" May was fired from Autocar many years ago for something he did in an issue, but what exactly was it?

Well, in a DriveTribe YouTube video a couple of years ago James explained what he did. At the time, thirty years ago, he was Autocar's production editor and his job was to put together the road test yearbook – a long and drawn-out task based on a hundred cars they had tested that year.

For each car, there was a small description and it was James's job to edit those so that they fit alongside the shadow capital at the beginning. However, he got a bit bored and fancied a cheer-up so he made all the drop capitals spell out a sentence. That sentence read: 'Road test yearbook so you think it's really good yeah you should try making the bloody thing up it's a real pain in the arse.'

Following this, James was called into his boss's office and was subsequently fired for his actions. Looking back, it was arguably genius what he did but unfortunately, some readers noticed which wasn't so good.

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    • 2 months ago
  • The definition of falling upwards.

      2 months ago
  • Doing stunts like that is probably why he got the gig with Top Gear. Jezza would have loved the rebelliousness of it

      2 months ago
  • James May, anti social rebel, wearing weird shirts since just after the fall of the wall.

      2 months ago
  • Just to clarify, the man on the right of the cover photo is not

      2 months ago