Why japanese car culture is my favorite

      A lot of car scenes are really cool but in my opinion japan really takes the cake

      There's plenty of reasons i love the car scene there, but this article is definetly mainly focused on the modified car scene. I love how crazy the people dare to go on their cars, if you'd have such a crazy modified car, bike, van or even truck in the west you'd be obliterated by people hating on (mostly on the internet) there is so much more respect there than here and that too is something i really like.

      People are always very attached to their local car makers for example most europeans are into Audi's, VW's, BMW's or Mercedes' and the same goes for the Americans they go with Chevrolet's ,Ford's or Dodge's. Yes, Japanese people do the same over Brands like Toyota, Nissan, Mitsubishi or Subaru but pretty much ever possible car scene you could imagine exists in Japan too, they literally have anything. Besides Mexico and their VW's nothing can beat that

      And yes! even the most american thing ever is a thing in Japan, lowriders. And then again they really don't care about what car it is. They're doing the exact same thing to Nissan 180SX' and Honda Civic's. In America the lowrider rivalry is huge between the east side and west side and lowriders often exist from gangs there. Japan also has styles that existed due to gangs

      Bosozoku, this was the first thing rising from Japanese gangs, there's Bosozoku bikes too but lets stick to cars here. It hasn't got anything to do with that anymore though now its just a really cool community, with no true meaning

      The 2nd one is a lot newer and even tho it hasn't got as much character as Bosozoku behind it i really love this, definetely one of my favourite car styles. The cars may look pretty stock but they have all been heavily modified but very simplistic and tastefully, at least in my taste.

      Something else i love is the drifting, all the drivers challenge themselves to make it harder by using handicaps like a LSD instead of welded, minimal handbrake use and relatively low HP. Even the drivers that dont have a lot of experience do this, which is part of the reason you see so many ''drift missiles'' out drifting, the other reason is that they just dont give a shit about breaking it.

      Thanks for reading

      Note: I could add more info but im really to tired to do anything that isn't sleeping

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