Why Lewis Hamilton Being Booed Is Fine and Maybe Even A Good Thing

Social media was split following the race as Hamilton received thunderous boos from the Italian fans on the podium

2y ago


The Italian Grand Prix was a thrilling race. Two world champions battling on track, two historic teams fighting on the pit wall, and plenty of drama. In the end, Lewis Hamilton emerged the unlikely winner thanks to a brilliant strategy from Mercedes and the assistance of Bottas.

However, one of the main talking points didn't even take place during the race. On the podium, Lewis Hamilton received boos from the Italian faithful that nearly drowned out his words during the podium interviews. Hamilton didn't attack his rival's fans and instead accepted their response and claimed he used it as motivation throughout the weekend.

This didn't stop fans taking to social media to attack the reception the four-time world champ received as people labelled it as rude and disrespectful. The purpose of booing is to show your disapproval towards the subject being booed, but that isn't necessarily a negative thing.

Ferrari fans have always been praised for their passion, it's what sets them apart from regular Formula One fans. Every year the Tifosi show up in a sea of red there to support their team win or lose. It creates a special atmosphere which helps create what most consider the best podium of the season with a sea of red stretching as far as the eye can see down the main straight, a thick red smoke covering the podium, and flags of all sizes bearing the prancing horse everywhere.

Telling the Tifosi not to boo Lewis Hamilton is like telling Manchester City and Manchester United fans not to boo the opposing team on derby day, or Real Madrid and Barcelona fans to not boo each other during El Clásico. It just isn't going to happen. Sure it's disrespectful to some of the best in sports, but being great, like Ronaldo, like Messi, like Hamilton, comes with hate from rival teams.

The Tifosi show their passion for the Scuderia in every way possible from singing songs, to tattoos, to massive flags. Booing Lewis Hamilton is just another one of their ways of expressing their passion and taking away the passion of the Italian fans is something no fan of Formula One should wish for. They play a major part in the sport that we all love so dearly and that should be respected even if they don't respect one of the all-time greats.

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Comments (2)

  • Yeah to be honest I didn't mind it. All part of the panto

      2 years ago
  • Totally agree. It's their home race, their team is a strong contender, so they have every right to boo the opposite team. German fans can boo Ferrari, but they don't cos Seb's German.

      2 years ago


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