Why Lewis Hamilton will change his driving style this season

2022 Formula One

3w ago

Following an intense battle with Max Verstappen in 2021, Lewis Hamilton found himself short to the talent of the hungry young driver. Throughout the season, Max Verstappen out qualified and led more laps than Hamilton.

Lewis has been racing for more than 28 years. He raced multiple drivers and champions who have different styles, but it seems Max has something more than what Hamilton has seen before. Max drove to the limit and sometimes beyond the limit to crack Hamilton's dominance in F1.

Lewis mentioned multiple times before that he intends to be an idol to all drivers and kids around the world, and prove that he can win using his style of being as pure as possible. However, going into the new season, Lewis might be taking a second look at his driving style in order to keep up with the hungry youngsters.

This season, we might see the old Hamilton back on track. The aggressive, all-in, elbows out all the time type of Hamilton. Looking back at how Max drove all year, Lewis might follow suit to give Max a piece of his own medicine. Driving purely didn't pay off for Lewis after all. On top of that, he has to deal with a hungry, talented, and very quick teammate as well. So he needs to bring his A-game to keep up.

Moreover, in a recent post by Mercedes partner Petronas, Lewis Hamilton appeared to have a new haircut. Looking like the 2007 rookie Lewis. It seems that after isolating for a long period of time, Lewis has changed and wants to deliver a message to the competition early on in the season.

Do you agree that Lewis will change his driving style this season? Comment below so we can discuss.

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Comments (10)

  • Lewis will of course change his driving style this year, road cars handle differently...

      22 days ago
  • He could start by not running people off the track.

      22 days ago