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Why manufacturers should quit facelifts.

Why they're completely and utterly pointless.

6w ago

Every manufacturer loves a good facelift, but the buying public don't. It's a good excuse to waste a million quid on some new headlights and a digital speedometer. I'm sure many of you may disagree, but sometimes, companies release facelifts without you even realising, or sometimes you have to even pinch yourself after realising that a car has been released and facelifted within the space of a year.

Now, as many of you will know, my recently purchased Audi and is apparently the "2021 facelift model", I didn't even realise it had been facelifted. And apparently, the main update was "dynamic and adaptive sports lights", I mean what kind of name is that... And this is where my rant starts, it's about two companies who are doing it right.

First of all, Aston Martin barely ever facelift there models, partially due to budget, but also down to the fact you don't need to make a car any different when they're so close to perfection. My second point is that, the Tesla Model S and X have both bee "updated", yes updated, not facelifted, just a revised light system and some new tech. And that's the way to do it, the Model S was released in 2012, and over its 9 years only 1 mild change has happened, and they really need to do this.

I recently saw some "spy shots" of the "New" Honda CRV, now, is it me, or did they only just release a new CRV?... And that's not where my rant ends, it coming from AUDI and BMW, they keep changing there designs ever so slightly so people buy the latest model. The 7 series for example, released in the new form in 2019, and a very modern car it is, but now, it's being updated for 2021, I mean hopefully the grille will get solved, but really isn't it just a bit to quick to update a car?....

What do you think? Have I just ranted and wasted precious seconds of your life, tell me in the comments and give your vote in the poll below!

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Comments (11)

  • Depends. I think instant facelifts (after only 1-2 years) are really bad because if you spend a lot of money on a brand new car, and then it gets facelifted and the value goes down a lot, it’s really annoying. But other facelifts after about 4-6 years are good, to keep the car fresh

      1 month ago
    • Yes, it can really impact value, and it’s a bit pointless. But after a longer period, I can see the reason

        1 month ago
  • I think if you need to facelift a car you didn't design it well in the first place, although I am fine with the occasional new tech being added as long as it doesn't get out of hand

      1 month ago
    • Yup, techs fine, but as you said, if a facelift is necessary, you designed the car wrong in the first place! 👍

        1 month ago
  • occasionally they are need to save a massive (and I mean massive) cock up, like the original fiat Multipla, vs the "Gen 2" which was really just a good facelift otherwise they are used to keep the "face" of the car in the family, like the Citroen Xantia facelift. They can be used for good, but many of the semi-premium brands just use it to force identity driven purchasing to buy the new car to have the "latest one" even though its the same

      1 month ago
  • The current Cayenne is so much better looking than when it first came out, the result of many little facelifts.

      1 month ago
  • Facelifts don't need to stop but there needs to be longer times in production, the Mk1 Capri lasted from 1968(9)-1974, with a mid-life facelift. modern cars just have countless phases to keep people buying in the unhealthy manner that they do

      1 month ago