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Why Mexico is a bizarre (but charming) choice for Forza Horizon 5

From excitement, to laughing and memes, we mexicans are just loving it

Imagine living in a third world country, a country that infamously has some of the absolute worst roads in the world, some of the funniest car cultures ever seen given the fact that it's all just a mess from mixing both american, european and asian vehicles aimed at third world countries, and on top of all, some of the most unsafe cities ever seen and classified as active danger zones, and you can see why Forza Horizon 5 being located in your country seems more than impossible.

Now let's just state some facts:

1. Mexico's current goverment and public roads

Mexico is a remarkably corrupt country, with many political figures even catching the eye of international authorities, politicians actively stealing from goverment is a tale as old as time and a tradition at this point from pretty much every political party, how does that translate on public roads and construction sites?... Not very well.

Actually, public roads and public transport are some of the most criticized aspects of how goverment handles their budget, with a very recent subway/metro line elevated just collapsing due to poor design, and horrible maintenance and upkeep management, causing a lot more than just material damages. Unfortunately this case is not isolated and is just one in many examples of corruption and cutting corners from the people in charge.

Line 12 on Mexico City's Subway network.

Line 12 on Mexico City's Subway network.

The public roads are also in deplorable condition in most cases, with constant rain damaging the already aging tarmac and asphalt, having a car with low ground clearance is a brave choice on part of any car owner due to its high risk at damages.

Potholes are fairly common in every part of the country

Potholes are fairly common in every part of the country

And don't get me started on insecurity, a very discussed but not quite treated issue nationwide, from local and petty thiefs commiting armed robbery on stoplights and people exiting their garages, to full-on gangs hunting down drivers on the more isolated highways late at night, owning a recent or brand new car makes you significantly more likely to be a victim of any of these attempts, although owning an older car does not discard that, as even older cars with high demand on the used market, like the MK3 Jetta and the B13 Nissan Sentra are still really sought after for spare parts.

Long story short, if you, like any of the racers in Horizon were to drive a Lamborghini Huracán on Mexico's average cities or roads, you wouldn't last much without any incidents, whether is the risk of getting stuck on a massive pothole or speedbump, or being robbed while you're waiting for a greenlight.

Ecatepec, my hometown, is actually #1 in Car Theft nationwide.

Ecatepec, my hometown, is actually #1 in Car Theft nationwide.

Now that may sound very pesimist in my part, which is why I shall now explain the reasons why Horizon is located in Mexico.

2. Incredible diversity in geography and amazing landscapes

Even though my country is consistently ranked as one of the most dangerous worldwide, I can honestly say I see why still tourists are willing to come here, and why the 1% of the mexican population dearly named "whitexicans" are constantly posting on their instagrams account how they love to live in this country, even if they are completely disconnected to the actual problems and situations of the average mexican citizen.

The staggering beauty of landscapes seen in our country is just incredible and unbelievable, something that draws hoards of tourists worldwide every year, there isn't one part of the country that doesn't have incredible natural formations, rainforest, desert, beaches, mountains, and even some volcanoes, Mexico is definitely the Party mix of Natural formations.

The geography is definitely why Turn10 Studios chose Mexico as Horizon's next destination, period. The amount of natural formations on which you can drift, climb and jump off cars, is just unreal, and the way they handled some of the most isolated roads as just beautiful landscape showcases is nothing less than masterful. From the first trailers, is more than clear that they did what little travel agencies do with Mexico, which is to make it the ultimate tourist attraction, the amount of effort and detail seen, feel like a love letter to our country, something that even though is not addressed to us directly mexicans feels like a compliment.

Now having explained why this is incredible and literally unbelievable, I shall now explaing what do mexicans think of Horizon's newest location.

3. The Reaction

To say that Horizon's announcement has been noticed in Mexico, is a massive understatement, every major publication from small fanpages to even national newspapers are all reacting to the news, of course the major response is positive, as every mexican feels at least a little represented and honoured to have their home as a the newest playground that you can explore on the car of your dreams.

Memes also have had a massive presence with most of them mocking the car culture of our own country and safety issues with the absolute best humour, so far I've laughed at every meme caused by this event.

Of course this will also means that this game will definitely be a great seller on Mexico, as if driving the AMG One car is not enough to buy this game, having iconic parts of our country will definitely be the deal closer.


Having grown with many sterotypical interpretations of Mexico on international media, like the now hillarious sepia sky, the large sombreros, the very thick moustaches and the not accurate depiction of tacos, is more than wonderful to have our country being represented in a respectful and tasteful way, sure stereotypes are fun, but having more than that on such a big way, like a triple A game highlighting the natural beauty and our more traditional culture feels great, and it fills us mexicans with a rare sense of pride of being lucky to live in such a wonderful place, even if it has its shortcomings.

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Comments (6)

  • I think Mexico is a great location for FH5 and its very beautiful too!

    Can't wait to play the game!

      1 month ago
  • Honestly, I’m good with any location, I just need it to be a Horizon game. The fact that it’s in Mexico made me EXTREMELY HAPPY though. Now, I just need a Nissan Tsuru as a barn find. If they don’t have a Tsuru in the game, it’s gonna be blasphemy.

      1 month ago
  • It’s a perfect choice. We can finally do the Baja 1000 with trophy trucks where they belong

      1 month ago
  • I figured that Mexico was chosen as a tribute to the Carrera Panamericana race in the '50s.

      1 month ago