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Why Modern Muscle Cars are future Collectibles (Video Included)

A little recap of the modern Muscle Car Era and the future of these unhinged V8 machines.

The original era of Muscle Cars was an unprecedented hit and milestone with performance that symbolized times of abundance in the United States, the 60's were a great time of you were a petrolhead, which made the following events succeding all the more tragic.

We all know the story, the 1973 oil crisis led to a massive depression, and the United States suffered horribly, the market changed overnight, and every iconic car born in the decade prior was abruptly killed in order to make room for a more "sensible" option.

The era of american performance remained dormant for the following decades, with little glimpses every now and then, but the massive appeal of muscle cars was gone and for many it seemed dead without any chance of returning.

The slow path towards the modern era of Muscle cars was first teased in the 80's and 90's with GM developing the LT engine for the Corvette and experimenting with turbos on the Buick Grand National, meaning they were looking for a way in, meanwhile Ford slowly upgraded the Foxbody Mustang into a rocking Swan Song in the form of the immortal SVT Cobra and Cobra R, which in turn brought the SVT division to life.

Chrylser blew everyone away with their reimagining of the classic Shelby Cobra in the form of the raw and visceral Viper, and later started to build R/T performance versions of almost every car they built.

All of this combined effort and constant pushing of the main 3 american manufacturers was just the beginning as just around the corner a new Era of unhinged American performance was about to be discovered..

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