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Why my dad’s latest car purchase is the most satisfying

One for all the DriveTribe parents out there

While he would much prefer the word ‘collector’, you could very easily verge on the descriptive ‘hoarder’ when it comes to the number of vehicles my dad has amassed.

From my mum’s original first car – a Ford Capri 1970 which my dad is ‘in the process of doing up…’ to the Jaguar XJ6 2 tonne hunk of metal they purchased to keep me safe as a baby, the process of building new sheds on their property seems the easier task then parting with their cars.

But it’s my dad’s latest purchase that has been the most satisfying.

I’m sure many of the DriveTribe community have fathers, are fathers or have friends that are fathers and can relate to the sacrificial world of having children.

For my dad this involved an ‘au revoir’ to his beloved Alfa Romeo Alfasud, and hello oogling at Alfas on the Price is Right. It was working on the property he had built for his family, e-v-e-r-y weekend. It was funding his three daughters to travel overseas before he himself had set foot off the continent. And did I mention the three daughters situation?

So when dad finally retired five years ago, there in began the process of shifting to a new mindset, one his Gen Y daughters were oh so familiar with – Treat Yo Self. So my parents travelled the world in style – as the new era of Grey Nomads do – and dad played golf to his hearts content. But there was something that still eluded him.

Years of watching Top Gear with dad, left me with no doubt that the Porsche 911’s shadow was living in one of his garages. You could swear to have seen flashes of of it pass your window, or the engine’s rumble murmur from the back shed.

So when I finally saw the beautiful navy blue Porsche Carrera 911 in his garage, I knew he had finally learnt the true meaning of Treat Yo Self / #livingmybestlife.

Riding in it with him, you can feel his pure joy, and how couldn’t you!? The rear 3.4 litre 6 cylinder engine makes this car so much fun. There’s no turbo or fancy tech in this 2000 model and that’s obvious, but in a really great way. It feels raw, and exhilarating. Finally dad’s garage is complete… for now.


Just for fun: Here's a little intro to 911 video I shot for my fellow non-car enthusiasts


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Comments (10)

  • Oh yes. Can't beat just a nice under-the-radar standard 911. Lovely colour too.

      1 year ago
    • Yes the colour is beautiful! So is the sound 👌🏼

        1 year ago
    • Yes, there's something a bit special about a humble but well-kept 996.

        1 year ago
  • Great stuff from a non car girl😂😂I suppose you will be one one day don't worry🙉🙈

      1 year ago
  • Very nice. Criminally cheap these are going for and can almost park them anywhere. Tell him to watch out for the brittle door handle mechanisms and I think the 3.4 has a bit of an engine oil leak i believe. Correct me if I’m wrong

      1 year ago
  • Presumably I am a few model cycles newer than your dad but I feel like I know him.. and many other dads in the same category I’m sure. I’m not quite at the 911 retirement gift stage though, as our second car still needs to be pram and toddler friendly (ie has to have a boot and space for a car seat as backup for the family truckster).

      1 year ago
    • Thanks for the comment Darcy, so glad you can relate. Yes, my dad is very much past the pram and toddler-friendly stage - now he's got to figure out how to fit his golf clubs in!

        1 year ago


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