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Why my favourite car is the Honda Jazz

It's okay to like supercars but we should fall in love with normal cars

19w ago

When I was living at home many years ago, after Sunday lunch we put on a family film. And, for whatever reason, we ended up watching Wimbledon – the romantic comedy about an ageing Englishman who goes on to win the tournament.

I don’t understand tennis myself, it just seems like a faster version of cricket. And why do they score everything with ‘love’? Are the umpires all from Doncaster? “that’s fifteen quid, love”.

Anyway, I love that film now not because of the tennis, but because it’s basically 90 minutes of 22-year-old Kirsten Dunst jumping around in skimpy shorts. And any film with Kirsten Dunst wearing very little in is good with me.

The problem is, I know I’m not Kirsten’s only fan. She’s an A-lister, married and without breaking any stalking laws, the chances of her and I meeting is very slim. So, like every other human, my expectations for love are a little lower than Hollywood stars.

And this brings me to my love for the Honda Jazz. You see, when you’re next down the pub and a mate says ‘if you could have any car, what would it be?’ I guarantee 99% of people say cars like ‘Bugatti’ or ‘ McLaren P1’ and ‘ Lamborghini Huracan, in yellow’.

It’s fine to like those cars, dream about them and have them on your wall. But, without sounding too pessimistic, I think many of us will find greater happiness by falling in love with cars we could actually achieve.

And that’s why for me, the Honda Jazz is the car incarnation of the girl who can’t dance at a nightclub. I love that the Jazz tries so hard to be cool. I love that it is obviously stuck in a group it’s not sure about. I love that it would be great for visiting Ikea or carrying a family. And I love that it constantly tries to reinvent itself as being better than it is.

The problem with supercars is, I could obsess about them for much of my life and, if the day came when I could finally be inside one, I bet the dream of that moment would be better than the reality.

The Honda Jazz on the other hand can only exceed my expectations. I believe it will look good in a lot of settings I will probably encounter. Whether that’s car parks in London, roads in the West Country or meeting my folks. It strikes me as the sort of car that could end up as your best friend.

Whereas, though I dream of Kirsten Dunst turning up at my house asking for a date, I would not know how to act if she did. It wouldn’t feel right. Yes, it’s every boy’s dream to marry a supermodel or Hollywood actress, but honestly, I think by now the world has proven many times that you’ll probably be happier with heated seats and a spacious boot.

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Comments (7)

  • For me, it's always been the Camry that I love

      4 months ago
  • See, this is how we know you’re kinda weird(as if your past posts didn’t show that yet). Because in the UK when most people get asked for the “realistic dream car” people always says Ford Fiesta or VW Golf/GTi of the sorts, and here you are choosing the perfect car for people who “just use cars to get somewhere”. Don’t get me wrong, I love a Jazz, it is also one of the most frequent recommendations I give to my not-at-all-car-loving buddies, but then it also means I will never get one myself.

    On another note, if you’re looking for a pure city car why not get a used i3 or something rather than a Jazz? It also works.

      4 months ago
    • Hahaha, thanks, I am weird I suppose.

      I'm not sure why my heart has fallen for the Jazz. You see loads of them near where I live in West London, maybe I'm just impressionable. My Grandad also owns one with black rims, looks pretty cool.

        4 months ago
  • Did really like my mother’s Volkswagen Lupo. Fast little thing.

      4 months ago
  • Small cars are always a blast, i like a sporty variant, but our old 1.6 Astra was a brilliant car, and coming from my family not having a car for 4 years, quite an important one for me

      4 months ago
    • Yes! Theme in the comments of small cars being epic - which they are. 60mph feels like 100.

        4 months ago
  • In small cars,I've always loved the Up! and the i10

      4 months ago