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Why my UK version of Doug Demuro's YouTube Channel would be doomed to fail.

And why you should check out Doug Demuro!

Doug DeMuro's YouTube channel is VERY popular with petrolheads. But could a similar channel based in the UK work? Always ready to step up to the plate and acutely aware that my on-going feud with the BBC more or less rules me out of a traditional motoring journalism career... Could I do it? Could I create a UK version of Doug's channel, featuring cars I can convince people to lend me in Stoke-on-Trent?

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My thoughts on the endeavor.

Okay, before you rush to the comments section, I had a blond moment and mentioned the 'Ford Cavalier'. I am VERY aware Ford never made a Cavalier. I obviously meant either Ford CORTINA or VAUXHALL Cavalier. I was testing you, see? Either that or I was momentarily distracted while I swerved around a squirrel or something so my mangled brain confused my soul-less 1980's repmobiles.

Have you seen Doug's Channel? You really should check it out. He's one of my favourite petrolhead You Tubers.

The question is, does the world need another Doug DeMuro, but with an English accent and a selection of crappy 1990's rot-boxes and soul-less shopping trolleys come schoolrun-taxis?

What do you think?

Martyn Stanley

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  • Yes, Earth deserves a UK channel like this.

      2 years ago