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It's about time that Nikita Mazepin faces the consequences of his long list of absurd actions.

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Nikita Mazepin, the upcoming F1 driver for the 2021 Haas F1 team has recently come into the limelight for posting a disturbing video where he can be seen in a car with his friends while he is in the backseat groping/harassing a woman. Now I don't need to say much regarding Mazepin's pathetic action to grope a woman, that too when you can see that the lady in the leaked videos, was resisting and Mazepin was touching her without her consent.

I am not a fan of Mazepin, never was, never will be. In my opinion, he's probably the worst driver out of all the "pay-drivers". He's way too inconsistent and is a possible danger to the other drivers whenever on the track. But thanks to the brilliant past acts of Mazepin, I have three other reasons why I think Mazepin should be fired by the Haas F1 team and potentially removed from the F1.


Back in 2016, Mazepin punched Callum Ilott when Ilott had got in the way of a run on new tires, and after an exchange of words, he hit Ilott. Eye-witnesses reported that Mazepin got out of his car and approached Ilott and attacked him twice in the face, twice! Let me remind you all, that all this happened during the 2nd round of Free Practice. Ilott was left with a black eye, and a swollen jaw, and if that wasn't enough, Mazepin was only awarded a one-race ban. Some might say, he was young and did that in the heat of the moment, but what happens if the situation happens in F1, because clearly, he has not matured enough with time as his list of absurd actions continues.


Here's another reason why he doesn't deserve to be in the F1. In the above pictures/screenshots, you can see Mazepin, well being the stupid kid he is. He can be seen casually dropping a laughing emoji on a racist comment towards current F2 racer Tsunoda. You can also see him defending his fan who was racist towards someone in his dm's. He can also be seen writing creepy comments(Idk even know what to even call these comments) on George Russel's live video when George was live on Instagram before his practice session run. And if that is not enough, you can also see him asking his fangirls for nudes in exchange for free paddock passes.


When you think of F1, the sport which is considered by many as the pinnacle of motor racing, you usually think of drivers like Senna, Clark, Vettel, Hamilton, Alonso, and many more who have left an everlasting influence not only on the young kids but also on the young and upcoming drivers who obviously look up to them. One could say he has the talent to be a decent driver, sure, but so does the majority of the F2 drivers. Does Mazepin have any qualities which give him an upper hand over the other F2 drivers or even some current F1 drivers who lost their seats for the 2021 season? Is Mazepin the kind of driver you want this beloved sport to be associated with? I don't think so. In fact, I would be really disappointed with the Haas F1 team if they don't take strict actions against him. Honestly, I can't imagine that drivers like Sergio Perez, Callum Illot, Stoffel Vandoorne , Yuki Tsunoda, Romain Grosjean didn't get a seat for the next season(yet) but someone like Nikita Mazepin does. I guess money is more important than giving the deserving driver a chance to race in the biggest motoring sports on the planet.

I'm sure that some of you might think that Mazepin is allowed to have a private life and do whatever he wants, yes, you are right, he is. But I wouldn't call "OFFTRACK" actions like asking your fangirls for nudes, defending your racist fans, reacting to a racist comment towards your fellow F2 racer Tsunoda with laughing emojis, and reportedly throwing a party when nine mineworkers were killed in a fire at a Uralchem Mine as normal. Clearly, he has issues. I use to think that Max Verstappen had attitude problems, but holy Jesus, this guy is just in another league!

Since the incident, Nikita has apologized publically.

Even Haas made a public statement regarding the actions of Mazepin.

F1 fans around the globe have even started a petition to remove Nikita Mazepin from F1 and currently have 15.9 K signs. Do feel free to sign the petition if you agree with removing Mazepin from the F1.

I really hope he does get removed from the Haas F1 team as it would be a shame if he does get to share the platform with the likes of Hamilton, Vettel, Kimi, Alonso. I would also be disappointed if the FIA doesn't take any action. And if I remember correctly, Lewis was banned from wearing the Breonna Taylor clothing"Arrest the cops who killed Breonna Taylor" and the FIA even slapped a new rule which stated, "For the duration of the podium ceremony and post-race interview procedure, the drivers finishing in the race in positions 1, 2, 3 must remain attired only in their driving suits, 'done up' to the neck, not opened to the waist". It wouldn't really help the FIA look good if they don't take any actions fast.

If you did/didn't agree with my opinions, do let me know in the comment sections below. And I really hope that reputation of not only the F1 drivers, but the sport doesn't get spoiled because of people like Mazepin ever again! Also, credit to @ntkrlx on Twitter for providing information regarding the whole Mazepin situation.

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