Why No More Traveling Tent For Season 2? James May Explains Why

1y ago


Season 2 of The Grand Tour is bringing about a huge number of changes. Not only are we not getting Celebrity Brain Crash anymore and are instead getting a proper celeb segment, but The American has been axed, soon to be replaced by a yet unannounced driver.

Perhaps one of the biggest changes to the show's format, however, is the fact that the traveling tent will no longer be traveling. In an interview with Stuff, James May explains why:

"No, the tent move is not related to the frailty of the two hosts. We do actually travel around more this time than we did for the first one [it was previously announced that segments were filmed in Georgia, Africa, Croatia and Dubai, Switzerland and New York]. What we found during the first series was it became quite difficult to make both the tent and filming move. To be honest, it became quite compromising logistically and in terms of energy and it doesn't actually make much difference – you still in effect get a studio.

Part of the problem was pitching the tent takes about two weeks. And it's not just a very big tent with very big components that you need cranes and cherry pickers and men with enormous hands to put up, it also has to be kitted out as like a 4K TV studio with lots of wires. And if you plug something into the wrong port then you end up with all sorts of problems."

As to why they selected Chipping Norton as the tent's home, James replied with a simple "Because they would have us." So there you have it! The tent was grounded because it was just too much of a pain to move around.



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