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Why not use biofuels?


Rio M posted in All Rants

37w ago


Most people in this website hate electric cars and I can see why. Expensive, souless, no sound, tendency to catch fire, charging takes forever and its not exactly good for the environment since lithium batteries are well.. poluting howeverI know that some people here like them. Good peformance, instant torque, "clean." In a way that it doesnt spew out harmful gasses directly in urban centers.

I know that there is also hydrogen but that technology is still in its infancy.

But why use any of those 2? Why not use biofuels? bio diesels, ethanol, vegetable oil?

Its mostly clean, renewable, has a sound, has a "soul." Its not as fast as electric but its more fun since you can have a manual transmission, is easier to work on, not as likely to catch on fire and the manufacturing of diesel engines isnt as damaging to the environment as electric ones.

So, please discuss. Do you think the future should be in biofuels? or that we should rely on electric or hydrogen? or maybe you can prove the our oil reserves are infinite?

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  • Lobby my friend lobby everything is dependent on lobby and nothing more,

    First there were naysayers of electric engines and they deliberately designed the cars to look ugly so that people can't buy those alternate power cars,

    Now when they saw the idea is catching up then these naysayers became investors in the EV market,

    Otherwise they would be called as obsolete or late to party,

    There were more alternate method after electric but these greedy fake ass lobbyist killed those guys who also asked the question about the credibility of Electric being the future,

    Because the thing is that it is still dependent on coal and thermal plants even alternate method to produce the electricity isn't efficient,

    In the long run the batteries also create harm to the environment at large scale where the Thermal plants would require to burn more coal to produce the risen demand of electricity due to electric cars,

    For now the short term benefit would be a cleaner environment but it isn't a longer lasting solution to be dependent on EV.

      6 months ago
  • Because it’s still too expensive for us but the price will go down in a few years

      7 months ago
    • True, though its still cheaper than buying an electric car.

        7 months ago
  • Everyone uses biofuels. At least in the EU, from 2020 onwards the standard diesel available on the fuel stations will be marked as B7 (7% bio), while petrol will come only as E10 (10% ethanol). I think some states in the US and Australia does bio too. Why we haven't used them so far? Well - the answer may seem stupid, but on the automotive engineering side nobody really cared. Engines are developed mainly by mechanical engineers who don't give much attention to chemistry, research has been very limited for decades. Some countries have been heavy in going bio (Brazil) due to regulation or embargoes, but the main problem is that with the oil price sitting steadily around 50-60 $/bbl, regular petrol & diesel are still cheaper. A lot cheaper - and of somewhat better quality. There are many calculations on the economic feasability, but the crude oil price should go up to at least a 100 $ for the bio to be competitive. When it was above that around 2012, fuel stations started selling E85 (85% ethanol) and people started buying conversion kits for their cars in poorer parts of Europe.

      8 months ago
    • I hope the rest of the world can go biodiesel. I think its a better alternative than electric.

        8 months ago
  • Nowadays a lot of diesel is made like that.

      8 months ago
  • Why not? I think they can be good

      8 months ago
    • Exactly. Its cheap and renewable.

        8 months ago