Why people who have nice cars but don't drive them annoy me

Gorgeous car, probably doesn't run right though.

First, lets get one thing clear, people who enjoy staring at cars compared to people who enjoy driving them, are care lovers one in the same. Now that thats cleared up, lets get down to business. Why do people spend all this money on fantastic cars if they are not going to drive them? Yes, some cars look fantastic but drive terribly. However; take a classic car for example. The steering may be dodgy, there is probably an oil leak along with an exhaust leak, but the car looks magnificent. However, those mechanical issues with the car give it its spirit. Its spirit is how it drives.

Now this Ferrari owner is doing it right.

It makes no sense for a person to have a car and not drive it. Cars are meant to be driven and enjoyed, not to be worried about and looked at by some fool in a lawn chair with an ice cold beverage for hours on end. Granted, some might argue that since a car is so expensive, they might not want to drive it and damage it. Well, similar risks are taken while riding a motorcycle. Yes, things can go wrong, but thats part of the beauty of it. And if you want to be a little reckless, but your afraid of recking your car, you could have a beater car, which is nothing more then a dirt cheap pile of bolts with an engine strapped to the front of it. All I'm saying is give it a shot. You never know, you might enjoy driving your car better then staring at it.

PS. I apologize for any spelling/grammatical mistakes. I am a car enthusiast, not a journalist.

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