Why petrol heads should buy a Hybrid

If you have a project/weekend car

7w ago


In the UK we have to pay yearly road tax, the more CO2 your pride and joy makes the more you have to pay to keep your car road legal, the fact that pretty much all hybrids has free road tax means you can save usually around £200 a year to put towards.


Now if you have a weekend car or a project car you will be spending your money fixing it and buying new parts to make it that extra special, the old saying of you need a daily for your daily, is absolute pointless. What is the point of half arsing something to then start something else that you probably won't finish.

This is where a Hybrid makes sense, they are by far the most reliable cars on the road, they will go as far as a normal ICE car and the wear and tear parts, tyres brakes etc are cheaper due to the amount that is already on the road.

Have a look at the image below for a comparison from what car


when you have a regular daily, a cheap run around or the generic bmws, the temptation is quite high to do little bits to your daily, this could be anything from just getting some nicer OEM alloys, getting better interior, 'cheap' set of coil overs the list is endless......

thankfully in a Hybrid you will not want to do any of that as this is the result ( maybe not this extreme but you get the idea)

You will be in a class above the rest


With the way the UK is moving with London having a ULEZ and congestion it wont be long untill other cities follow suit, Manchester, Birmingham, Cardiff etc they will all make their own versions of having cleaner cities and soon will ban old diesels and petrols very much like Paris is doing right now. So if you ever decide your project car is finished and you have no need for a daily you shouldn't have any issues selling it on.

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Comments (7)

  • To me, the sweet spot is the 24/48V hybridation. It is classified as an hybrid (at least here in france) so you get discount on insurance, taxes and even sometimes, on your loan. But in reality, it is a regular car : you can find them in manual gearbox (good luck finding a regular hybrid without an automatic transmission), the electric stuff is small and light and it basically just help recycle what should be wasted energy.

    I don't like calling this hybridation, because it won't really do much on the powertrain, but it has a lot of advantages and I have yet to discover the down side.

      1 month ago
  • This is all well and good in the UK, until 2035 where we will have to go fully electric possibly on a non finished electric car infrastructure because our government will probably run out of money after paying off businesses and unemployed due to Covid, a Brexit no deal, High speed rail 2, the non finished crossrail London tube extension and possibly some other points scoring schemes they think of.

      1 month ago
  • I wouldn’t mind a hybrid since my commute is so long

      1 month ago
  • I like the panamera turbo hybrid; SPEED AND POWAH

      1 month ago