Why porsche needs to bring back the 944

2y ago


In my opinion, the Porsche 944 is probably the most underrated Porsche of all time. In a period when Porsche was mostly famous for one model, the 911, the 944 never really emerged from the shadow that was cast by the famous rear-engined poster child of the marque. The mentality being at the time - if it isn't a 911, it's not a 'real' Porsche. Which is a shame, because Porsche produced a genuinely respectable front-engined sports/GT car. Yes, the 928 and 968 were more GT focused cars in essence, but the 944 seemed to strike a nice balance in the middle and to be honest, just looks stunning in profile.

The point

Regardless of which GT you like the most, the point remains - there is currently none in the current line-up of Stuttgart steeds, which seems odd. The discontinuation of the 944/928/968 might mostly be due to it never lining up to the 911 at the time, but as we know today, Porsche is no longer a one trick pony, selling more SUV's than sports cars the last year. Therefore the 911 argument is officially invalid.

This leaves the brand with a golden opportunity to develop a proper GT car that competes with the likes of the Merc SL, BMW 6 and even the Aston Martin DB11. Given the outstanding quality of Porsches today, you can't argue that they will give those brands a run for their money. They really can if the want to.

Hands off the 911

The added benefit of a purpose built GT is that the 911 can keep it's focus on being a proper sports car. The 911 unnecessarily tries to be too much in all of it's variants. No offense towards the 911 - it is a brilliant machine, but the problem is the buying public. If they make it too refined the purists throw their arms up in the air screaming sacrilege! If they make it too focused they exclude themselves from potential buyers looking for something less hardcore. It is impossible to please everyone. However, if they create a refined GT, they are left to make the 911 a purist's dream and still have an alternative in the arsenal for those looking for a weekend cruiser. It would create a perfect line up: Running from the light and nimble 718 Boxster/Cayman, the purist 911 and all the way to the refined GT. The public will be spoiled for choice between rear, mid and front engined Porsches.

Speaking of engines, I also think it is high time we get to have Porsche's throaty Turbo V8 in a car weighing a fraction of the Panamera or Cayenne/Macan. The likes of a BMW M6 or any Merc AMG won't stand a chance.

Dreams can come true

As much as I love to rant about a possible GT Porsche, my cries could be irrelevant in a short while. The rumour mill is currently running around a certain Panamera plant that is planning to use a shortened version of the chassis currently used in the Panamera to create a possible 2 door version. I can't confirm it, but it would be awesome. Watch this space.

Do you think Porsche needs a dedicated GT car? Or is the current lineup sufficient? Tell us in the comments.

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