Why portugal is the perfect country to do a road trip

Get in a car and visit

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Between the wide network of roads, the good cell coverage, the perfect towns and lively large cities, the texture and colour, the cheap wine, the perfect surfing, the empty beaches, the starry skies, and the litany of sunsets every colour of the rainbow, Portugal has it all. Get in the car and drive.

The weather

The weather in portugal is fantastic. Mild winters with temperatures rarely drop below 5ºC along the coast, hot summers refreshed by the Atlantic breeze and the highest number of hours of sunshine in Europe. Hard to beat this.

The food

You might not have heard many things about the Portuguese Cuisine and it's true that there are other European cuisines more famous but here you'll find the best seafood you have ever had, along with several other unique dishes

The wine

More known than the portuguese cuisine, are definitely the Portuguese wines. Everyone knows at least the famous Port Wine. There are plenty of other good wines in Portugal and the word is getting out there. For example, the refreshing vinho verde is quickly becoming the favorite wine for many wine lover's summer meals.

the great cities

Is the capital city of Portugal and is one of the best travel destinations in the world. This city has it all: nearby beaches, monuments, historical landmarks, the magnificent and unique cobblestone-covered streets, a great river, wonderful food and wine, and many other experiences to offer. There are so many things to see and to do that you could spend your entire holidays just exploring it.

There are few cities in the world as romantic as Porto. Part of this can be attributed to its faded grandeur and its beautiful buildings in various stages of preservation. Take a walk through the old city and you'll see tons of lovebirds watching the sunset over the Douro river. Seeing the city lights is truly a magical sight.

The beaches

Portugal has the best beaches and some in Europe of the best ones in the world! For many European travelers, Portugal is the number one choice for summer vacations and despite the high number of quality beaches, Algarve beaches lead the preferences.
If you are planning on visiting Portugal in the summer, make sure to visit as many beaches as you can, you will be amazed and stunned with the beauty and quality they offer.

The roads

Mountain roads
N308-1 is the name of the sharply winding and precipitous ascent in a narrow zig-zag road in the northwestern Portuguese area. It’s one of the most scenic drives in the country.
Located in the Serra da Estrela Mountains in central Portugal, N232 is a tortuously winding mountain road which requires a careful approach.

Coast roads
As you drive along the N109 toward the ocean, you can check out the dirt tracks along the way and find uncrowded beaches.

Has the best road in the world

The road is located in nothern Portugal's wine region. It’s 27km long and includes jaw dropping scenery. The N-222 cuts right through the heart of the Douro Valley, offering amazing views of the terraced hillsides.
Visit-drivetribe.com/p/M7375Kt8SAeLNpK0sI23vg?iid=bMSnAGLmSzuiz2VB9hYdiw for more details.

Get in the car and drive.

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