Why Power Shifting Is A Bad Idea

7w ago


What is power shifting? Power shifting is when you shift without lifting your foot from the accelerator pedal in a manual transmission vehicle. There's debate on whether or not it's beneficial, and also if it's okay for your transmission to do it. In this video, we break down exactly what power shifting is, and what's happening internally for your transmission, so you know whether or not it's bad for your clutch, synchronizers, gears, and drivetrain.

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Comments (23)
  • I have done this successfully after a few nasty failures, but it is overall slower because of the loss of traction. Double clutching is the same thing. If you have a ton of tire it might help a bit, but it seems to me that it risks the trans for very little or no reward.

    1 month ago
  • Yeah power shifting does not sound like a good idea’ if you want to synchronise at high speed, be it on a m,bike or a car-supercar, Double the clutch’ only way! Top performance 🏁🏁🏁😎

    1 month ago


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