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Why Seamen released today on Friday the 13th?

The answer!

Why is Friday the 13th a bad day? And what can happen ... How to be saved from this day and what should not be done today. Most importantly, why and how should we watch this issue today and why will Friday 13 bring luck to the Grand Tour? Why Richard Hammond especially not afraid of release of Seamen on Friday 13?

If you pay attention to history, there are several common versions why Friday the 13th is a bad day. Friday in the old days was considered an unfavorable day. Although now it is the day of the end of the working week. And we are happy now in Friday.

13 is considered an unlucky number for many reasons. Judas, who betrayed Christ, was the 13th apostle, and they crucified Jesus on Friday.
It was on Friday the 13th that the French king Philip IV decided to arrest the members of the Knights Templar, including all his supreme leadership. It happened in October 1307. Members of the order were accused of heresy and blasphemy. after the ensuing process, the order was dissolved, and many of the arrested Templars were first brutally tortured and then completely executed. Seven years later, the last Grand Master of the Order Jacques de Molay and Commander of Normandy Geoffrey de Charnet were burned alive on the island of Cité in Paris. The legend says that before his death de Molay cursed the king who had observed the execution and the entire Capetian dynasty. Perhaps this curse extends to everyone who wishes him dead ... Films like Friday the 13th increased superstitious fear ... I did not watch this film. It's probably scary. I like to watch only good and funny films. But in recent years I have not watched anything other than films about leading Grand Tours ... Is it just with me, or with everyone? :)

​An old screenshot from DriveTribe video

​An old screenshot from DriveTribe video

What can not be done on Friday 13?

It is believed that this day is not worth:

1. To go to the hospital or for surgery - treatment will not be successful, as people believe.
2. Get behind the wheel and go on a long journey - you risk getting into an accident.
3. Make too responsible decisions and borrow large sums of money. There may be money problems.
4. looking for a job or going for an interview is connected with the previous warning about responsible decisions.
5. Wash and cut your nails - you will deprive yourself of something very dear for a long time (it is worth noting that it’s really better not to go unwashed and unshaven for job interviews).
6. leaving work on this day you can not look back.
7. To dye hair in eggplant and red shades. The colors of witches and otherworldly strength.
8. Wear brown or red clothing.
9. To plant plants - otherwise they will not grow and bear fruit. Jeremy is not allowed to farm today. Maybe today there is a chance of escape for his sheep? I feel pity for them!
10. On Friday13, you can not use the abusive words "pig" and "hell." Or other similar words.
11. Before going to bed on the night of Friday 13, it is forbidden to look in the mirror for a long time. A mirror is a connection with another world.
12. Stand under the stairs. I can add it is always a very bad sign to stay or go under the builder's ladders. Do not open an umbrella at home in the rain today.
13. If a person's funeral falls on this day, then the death of another one in the near future is not ruled out.
14. On Friday, the 13th, it is strongly advised to beware of black cats and empty buckets and not play weddings.

15. You can't have fun today! You can get in trouble.

Therefore, looking at the issue of climate change and the consequences, we should not laugh and have fun today. This is a very serious topic. Imagine when there will be a ridiculously invisible Greta Thunberg everywhere, who immediately swears at you, and you will no longer be laughing :) And the luck will accompany you, as well as the whole planet Earth.

Save the planet, from wallpaper resource

Save the planet, from wallpaper resource

What to do on Friday 13 to be saved?

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Amazon Prime

1. On this day, hackers often send computer viruses around the world, it is worth updating antiviruses.
2. Go to church that day so that bad omens do not come true. You might not even notice these omens, so this will help.

There are proven ways to protect yourself and your loved ones from trouble on Friday the 13th:

1. Do not tell your dreams to anyone.
2. Do not borrow or lend money on this day.
3. Do not quarrel or enter into conflict.
in the old days people used to say that on this day witches flock to the Sabbath and swoop over people. So the night on Friday, the 13th is better to spend at home, where, "the walls cherish." On this day, it’s not customary to go somewhere, have fun and do serious things.

Finally, who has the best of luck on Friday, 13th?

Screenshot from Seamen

Screenshot from Seamen

Spanish and Portuguese sailors consider Friday the 13th auspicious day to start sailing. There is a “historical” explanation for this: on Friday 13 Christopher Columbus began his voyage to the shores of America.
As you guessed, that's why Seamen was released today! To help Richard Hammond finally reach America! The release of the first episode of the Grand Tour about big sailing will bring to the presenters unprecedented wealth, popularity and great luck in everything! True, Columbus did not understand that he had reached America ...but the main discovery was made.

Screenshot from Seamen

Screenshot from Seamen

13 is also a respected number among the Jews: once Israel was divided into 13 parts.

In ancient Egypt, the number "13" symbolized the favor of the gods. And in China, Japan, Korea 13 remains a lucky number to this day. therefore, James May cannot be very scared today after traveling to Japan.

We also have in "The Grand Tour" style marketing company with Jeremy ahead

Made by me

Made by me

And many greetings from the Presenters themselves!

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Jeremy was so kind to his very old friends. Bless his heart. It is the best moment ever on the end of Seamen story.

Marketing company was continued to the win

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I wish you all good luck today, success in everything!

just don't have fun today! Climate change is serious!

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From marketing company

How hard can it be?

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