- Yes, some moron did this to a 348, one of the maybe not so all time great Ferraris. Still, a Ferrari.

Why Stanced Cars Are Incredibly Stupid

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The place where VAG nuts lose vast amounts of bodily fluids over some 1990s 1.2 Polo with crocodile skin on the bonnet, a gold plated head and not to forget, negative ground clearance and huge dished Porsche wheels on stretched tires plus absurd amounts of camber. I wonder what goes on in the head of such a person, who decides to completely ruin an already pretty miserable car, that is a 1.2 VW Polo.

This isn't even that bad.

Lets talk about the two, maybe three main sins of stancing a car. First off:

Absurd Ride Height

Cars are usually tuned for two purposes or a compromise of both. Maximum safety/performance or maximum comfort.

The latter requires the damping and spring rates of the suspension to cause as little acceleration of the car body (that's what you sit in) as possible. When you hit a bump at 30mph in lets say... a bobby car with no springs or dampers, you will most likely make a backflip or two and land on your face. Maximum body acceleration. If you do the same with a Rolls you would probably fall asleep before you even reach the bump.

What your slammed VW Polo basically is.

For maximum grip you want the suspension to calm down as quickly as possible when confronted with a bump. The wheel is supposed to have maximum traction at all times which means as little wheel load (that is the weight on a wheel) fluctuations as possible. This is done with high damping. Without any travel, that's not possible. The energy with which a bump in the road hits the wheel with has nowhere to go (in dampers the energy turns into heat), so the only place is - you guessed it. Your bottom, which is directly connected to your head. Something to think about isn't it?

Being able to reduce the harshness of roads is the main function of a suspension system, and NOT to look like a complete idiot while scraping away the suspension engineers tears from the pavement.

For it to work the undamped masses (wheel, tire, brakes, control arms etc.) need to be able to MOVE. If your car has zero give in the suspension system, it will jump over bumps like a baby lamb and understeer like a pig in corners. Why? Because once the suspension reaches its limits, the tires are your only hope (if there is any left). If there is no suspension the limits of the car are as narrow as the profile of the tires and the mind of the driver.

Your typical understeer candidate.

Because lowered cars tend to have more camber on the rear axle when unadjusted (which is how you identify morons) the front lets go first = understeer, which is what most Audis do.

Stupid amounts of camber

This just can't be good for you or your car right? JUST LOOK AT IT!

When screwing around with suspension, you need to know what you are doing. Vaping indicates that you do not know what your are doing. Here is why.

Hear the lower control arms cry.

What is camber good for? For maximum grip the wheels need to be as straight as possible right? Yes! This way you have the largest contact patch. Basically camber allows the wise man to adjust a cars balance in corners. A little bit of negative camber will result in better grip in corners because the body roll equals out the camber. This is why oversteery cars have more negative camber in the front than they do in the back. Then there is the question of what happens when the suspension is compressed, but we won't go into that. I'm not James May after all.

So far so good. Negative camber increases the grip of an axle in a corner. Check. Stop.

Absurd amounts of camber result in a reduction of grip. The contact area of the tire is basically like that of a bicycle tire. Also it's running on its sidewalls. This is like using a cup sideways and wondering why the fluid doesn't stay inside. And no body roll in the world can compensate for a lack of intelligence like that.

I am mentally dead.

There you go. You can probably imagine what happens in my head when I see a stanced "performance" SUV.

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  • Here in the UK, car insurance for younger drivers is absurdly expensive, so perhaps a dreary 1.2 Polo is all you can afford to run. This is why the mod scene has gone this route. I agree, why muck around with a car that has had millions spent on its development, however a little mod here or there can make your car unique. I for instance have a ubiquitous MK7 Ford Fiesta 1.4 Zetec and have fitted 17" Alloys from a different model from Ford, it's a subtle mod that makes my car look better IMHO.

    1 year ago
  • But how can you hate this?

    1 year ago


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