Why SUVs need to be killed off

I rant on the absurdness of SUVs

SUVs are taking over. No matter what people say, that is not a positive fact. Car magazines, all of a sudden, are in favour of Sports Utility Vehicles. Yes, after years of taking the piss out of the dreadful BMW X6 and the like, they now love things like Aston Martin’s new DBX, which if you ask me is fighting the X6 for the ugliest rear end. The reason everyone is all over these preposterous pieces of metal at the moment, is that they “save car companies”. There is a simple way to surviving as a manufacturer. Produce brilliant cars. Look at McLaren. The firm from Woking have announced loud and clear that an SUV is not on the cards at all. But then that’s all down to the brilliance of their products. Aston Martin aren't doing so great at the moment, the Vantage hasn’t sold well, because the price is too high, and the DB11 and DBS are not much better. So their solution is a huge luxurious SUV. Lamborghini were doing fine, they just wanted a rise in sales and profit, so out came the Urus. Bentley and Rolls the same. Why is it that these vehicles wind me up so much? The simple answer is they’re absurd. These are vast and heavy machines, which pollute more than other. They also cost an obscene amount. When you think about them, they are pointless. All that ground clearance, cash, leather, power and metal, all for what? To impress? What has the world come to. Utility vehicles, I can deal with. Farmers and people in rural areas need rugged, all wheel drive machinery. Land Rovers, Jeeps, Toyota Hiluxes, Ford pickups, they all have a place. But luxurious, expensive 4x4s? What is the sole purpose of this type of automobile? Luxury? Well, when Mercedes makes a Maybach S600 saloon, and Rolls the Phantom, I can’t imagine how you can be more luxurious. Actually Both Mercedes and Rolls Royce also make extremely plush SUVs. Rolls the Cullinan, and Merc it’s brand new Maybach GLS600. I might be in a minority with these views, but personally, I see both cars, the Merc in particular, as possibly one of the worse pieces of automotive design to ever leave any factory. People say these cars are for looking good. The GLS 600, along with the horrible BMW X7 prove this statement wrong. And so do most of these cars. Aston DBX, various BMWs, Bentley Bentayga, Land Rover Discovery, they all look terrible. But then at the same time, the all sell annoyingly well. The market makes no sense. The way I see it the government should ban all of these cars form being on sale. SUVs pollute so much, and there are hundreds of them. If people want luxury, there are plenty of plush saloons on offer. You will also look much better driving a dark blue S Class than some bronze Bentayga with 23 inch wheels. People need to think. SUVs make no sense, and are harming the environment as much as people’s eyes. They need to be killed off, and sooner the better, because if Ferrari end up churning out a £300k, 4 door GTC4 Lusso on stilts, then the world has gone mad.

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