Why The 2020 Corvette Is Faster Than Ford's GT500

1w ago


The 2020 Ford Shelby GT500 puts 760 horsepower to the rear wheels with a 5.2L supercharged V8 engine. The 2020 Corvette puts 495 horsepower to the rear wheels with a 6.2L naturally aspirated engine. Down 265 horsepower, the Corvette Z51 is somehow significantly faster to 60 mph versus the Shelby GT500. The zero to 60 times are 2.9 seconds and 3.5 seconds for the Corvette and GT500, respectively.

So why is a car with 265 additional horsepower slower to 60 miles per hour? Well, we'll break it all down in the video, as it relates to vehicle weight, power, weight distribution, center of mass height, and other factors. We'll also discuss the GT500's highly respectable 0-100-0 mph time of 10.6 seconds, and whether or not the Corvette can come close to these numbers.

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