- 2016 FIAT 500X

Why The 500X isn't the Best Vehicle Ever Made

My take on what the CSUV FIAT has to offer.

FIAT has grown quite popular among the American consumers in the last few years and I can understand why. In my time of driving their vehicles I have never been so repulsed by how their CSUV performs, handles, and even feels. Sure, it might get good mpg but it is horrible in almost all other aspects. In this article, let me explain why I feel this way.

"...They just don't go well together."

The 500X is ugly in every sense of the word. It is small with too much going on all at once. It wants to be a 500 Abarth so bad it seems like it'll do whatever it takes but it just looks like an overweight person wearing extra-small clothes: they just don't go together. The only upside is that it looks better than the Jeep Renegade which is on the same exact platform as the 500X. It doesn't get much better on the inside either. But at least on the inside, I can tell why this CSUV came out to be $17,000 or so used with 58,000 miles on it. It is cheaply made in the sense where the Italians seemed like they wanted to make something that can store more and hold more people. They were better off not making the 500X and just keeping the 124 Spider and 500 Abarth as their line-up vehicles to offer. The interior sure looks good until I started to adjust everything to my liking. The panels sure looked good but felt cheap to the touch. Another problem with the 500X is that there is no quality, I believe, in how the car is made. The 2018 models sure look similar to the one above, but nothing has necessarily changed with them. The plastics and controls feel cheap and brittle, while the driver mode selector should be labeled with a fragile sticker. And yes, there are driver selector modes on this 500X and one of them is "SPORT."

"...completely and utterly...'

The interior is just completely and utterly atrocious. The seats do not offer the best comfort by far and the rest of the paneling design has been said. What has not been said is space, or lack there-of. The 500X is better off not having been made and FIAT making the coupe and hatchback like the 124 Spider or Abarth 500 because there is no room for anyone to sit behind me or anyone else to get to a destination. That, and the seats are uncomfortable as ever. My back was hurting me after only a few miles of driving around town. The seats offer no support or comfort whatsoever and the trunk barely has enough room for a getaway vacation to the beach for a day or so. The best example to make someone understand how bad the ride comfort is to compare it to a skateboard. It has no struts or anything. Just wheels with a few other things and that is it. In my opinion, I prefer to use this as a means of transportation over the 500X. Sure the ride comfort, suspension wise, was decent but the seats held no justice anywhere. The ride comfort was that of a rock being tossed around on gravel while straddling it. The only good thing was the people in the front had the most space.

"...safe measurement or knowledge..."

Performance for the 500X is non-existent. Sure, it has 180 horsepower out of a 2.4L turbocharged 4 cylinder and 175 pounds if torque but it could barely get out of its own way. It was worse than lethargic. Throttle response is horrible and so is the acceleration. Sure, the steering was light and nimble, but it didn't help at all. The only thing that the 500X has going for it is its adequate fuel economy and affordability. This used one came to $17,000, which is quite hefty compared to other cars and the miles per gallon are 22 miles per gallon in the city and 31 miles per gallon on the highway. One of my favorite things I took from this experience is the turning lights that work with the steering. Whenever I had to turn around or stop, I realized that there were lights that would turn on to light some of the pathway. This phenomenon would occur every time the steering wheel would turn one way. An outside light would illuminate the surrounding area of that particular side to give some safe measurement or knowledge of where things are to make sure driving is a bit less hazardous. One last thing that is a pain is the turning radius. It is probably the most flawed turning radius made for people of the world. Easy U-Turns and everything that should turn quickly into K-Turns become multi-pointed turns to make sure we don't go overboard, I guess. But it is ridiculous nevertheless.

So, would I ever get a 500X? Not at all. Luckily, I have driven other FIAT's before the 500X or else I would have had a bad impression on them from the start. I can see why there are not many of these on the roads here in America. They're just useless due to everything wrong with them. I would prefer the Mazda CX-3 over this any day of the week.

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