Why The Alpine A110S is My Favorite Car of 2019

From rally legend in the 70's to back road weapon in the 2010's, Alpine showed the world that the recipe for a sports car is still lightness.

1y ago

Out of nowhere Alpine bought their classic rear engined formula back from the graveyard in 2017 to release it's 21st century interpretation of the classic A110, now in 2019 they're back, with more.

As if the A110 wasn't good enough, Alpine's engineers went back to the drawing board to come back with 39hp extra, stiffer suspension and anti-roll bars, lowered ride height, wider tyres and many more improvements to make this the "crème de la crème " of Alpine's range.

Even tough they stiffen it, cheif engineer at Alpine claims it is still fit for daily driving - "However, what’s important is that it is a comfortable and usable everyday car. The A110S wouldn’t be a true Alpine if it was very firm or too hard-riding to be driven day-to-day. Nor does it demand a very high level of ability on the part of its driver to be fun and rewarding – just like our other models, the A110S can be enjoyed by drivers with any level of experience." - said Jean-Pascal Dauce on the press release of the brand new Alpine.

So, what's not to like about this? Maybe the fact you can only get a Getrag 7 speed dual clutch transmission and not a manual, which probably is a good marketing decision, but our petrolhead heart never forgets the manuals.

Everything about this machine triggers my inner desires of buying it to be my daily driver. And it's not a Renault Clio indicator stalk nor a old Megane key that's going to stop me from crowning this my favorite car of 2019, in June.

Am I the only one that thinks window louvers on the back would look good?

Tell me your thoughts in the comment section!

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  • A110S drives very well, doesn't ruin the A110 Premiere Edition ethos and shows that there is still a lot more to come imo...

      1 year ago