Why the autobahn is gruesome. (sometimes)

Bare in mind that it's a privilege to drive on the autobahn at whatever speed you like. Because if you didn't, you might as well be a moron.

Being born and raised as a german comes with two most important aspects. The first is being notoriously pedantic in everything you think and do. And the second one... Well of course: It's having an Autobahn anywhere near you to prove that you – and only you – are the greatest driver the world has ever seen.

Everybody knows that.

So what is ist then, that makes so many of my fellow germans forget about those aspects? IMHO, you can't do anything wrong when you drive under the influence of:

Hell, I know I can be as pedantic as Bruce Willis's hairdresser, but I'll be damned if I shan't show the world how great a driver I am!

Hell, I know I can be as pedantic as Bruce Willis's hairdresser, but I'll be damned if I shan't show the world how great a driver I am!

Andreas Jüngling

When I see Karl Arsch moving his beige Opel Zafira that's missing a hubcap merge in total ignorance of the acceleration strip directly onto the Autobahn and pop right into the middle lane, blocking not only a few semi trucks but also a handful of hurried Audi drivers without acknowledging any of these events, I ask myself what is wrong with people. May I stop that guy to ask him to never set foot in a motor vehicle again? I just miss the spirit of the olden days where everybody just drove as best as they could, so people can go their way without any distress.

It may be a romantic approach on long-distance-commuting, but I fear that those with an IQ dangling at about room temperature will someday take our privilege to drive as fast as we like on the Autobahn, because the active traffic simply can't cope with the amount of ignorance anymore.

That would leave us germans with just being pedantic as f***.

On the other hand, in the USA where a freeway has plenty of space for ignorants so you could theoretically go as fast as you'd like, drivers seem to be much keener on giving you a good time on your travels. I almost never got tailgated or headshaken at, whenever i was traveling through the US. People move into the right lange with much more discipline than in Germany. And even if they don't, it is – I believe – perfectly fine to pass them on the right. I rather enjoyed that.

Whereas in Germany: Other pedantomaniacs tend to not let you pass because they simply cannot accept the possibility that you might go any faster than the Left-Lane-Rommels they are. That's plainly because being the best driver in the world doesn't leave much room for travelers by who just want to go from A to B.

Concluding this, I'm fickle and torn on how I would like my Autobahnen. On the other hand, when it's night and I have a nice long stretch of unrestricted awesomeness to lay my xenon light upon. I'm kinda glad...

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