Why the Bugatti Bolide was clearly named (and designed) by a 9-year-old

    I'm fairly confident you're already familiar with the Bolide, which is why I'm just gonna gloss over performance figures and technical details to focus on the looks, clearly designed by a 9-year-old, and more importantly the name. Absolutely, without a doubt, the person who decided to call it the 'Bolide' must be 9 or 10 because Bolide (in Italian) is often used, in a childish or playful manner, to describe a car that's "like super mega fast", especially when talking to kids. Gotta love it.

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    • It is very Hot-Wheels esq, my 9 year old self absolutely loves it!

        28 days ago
    • this car is a BOLIDE @tribe

        28 days ago
    • #funstuff

        28 days ago
    • This kid has a future in automotive design if he wants it. This actually looks great without the camo. Kid's good.

        28 days ago
    • It's also the name of Pinarello's fast nigh-unlimited aero bike line (shown below is a track version run by Sir Bradley Wiggins in his hour record).

        28 days ago


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