Why the e30 m3?

2y ago


My father drove a E30 M3 at the time I was born, He bought the car in 1987 when it was just half a year old. He got the chance to buy a totally battered M3, which was crashed at a test drive at an Dutch BMW car dealership. The car went through a ditch and was thrown up in the air (with some spectacular corkscrews) :-) .

So this is how a crashed half a year old, 6000km e30 m3 looks like.

After dismantling the old chassis, the new chassis arrived. Fresh from BMW.

The next thing in line was to prepare it for paint and paint it in the color that was more to his taste.

And tadaaaa an totally fresh painted E30 M3.

Next step was to put it all together, but with a crash like this, a lot of parts are broken or missing.

The most important thing to do is making the car drive.

When the car was finished, nobody thought about making a picture of it complete, so I have an picture of a Opel GT, with a small bit of M3 in it. :-)

But fortunately some years ago we were at a trackday at Spa Franchorchamps and by accident we saw the car doing its laps on the track! We spoke to the owner and he said that it was the same car with the same licenseplatenumber.

When I was young, my father had VHS videos of the DTM races back then, so watched them alot. They where the quality like in the picture below.

When I became 16years old, I bought my first car at a staggering price of €250,- Ofcourse an BMW, but not the one you'll expect at a 16year old. It was an alpin weiss 525E e28 build in 1986. With al the cliche salesmentalk characteristics, The car belonged to a old woman, it was dealer maintained and where always dry stored in a shed with a clothe on it.

The second car I've had was my first e30 an terribly maintained 318is. After a month or two I sold it because I thought that it wasn't the car I was looking for to drive on the road when I turned 18. The car after that was my absolute favorite for many years... A e30 320i M-tech II with build in 2.7 m20 engine. I had the car for about 7 years with ups and downs. The time I needed to maintain the car and keeping it on the road was as long as driving it. Terrible reliability and more broken than ready to drive. Even one time it tried to burn itself and its freshly rebuild engine while standing under a parking bridge with an 2002 turbo above it. I'm glad I could push it outside and extinguish the fire.

In the mean time I had some more cars, mostly E30's like a 325i Baur, 325ix touring, 320i 4 doors, 325ix 2 doors, 318is 2doors, 325i trackdaycar and a whole lot of other cars. Unfortunately I don't have pictures of them here on this moment except the last car of the list. A picture of when it still needed to be lowered. (And much more.)

The Trackslut.

Now this is the ultimate and last step for an e30 enthusiast. Rebuilding this e30 M3.