- (James Lipman/Eagle)

Why the Eagle Speedster can't be the most beautiful car ever

27w ago


I’ll be honest – many of my stances on various motoring things are a bit unorthodox. I prefer the AMC Pacer to the Fiesta ST. I’ve argued that we can’t complain about boring SUVs and then go out and hate an SUV with gullwing doors, thus we should embrace the Tesla Model X. I believe any car or plane that lets itself stall is stupid.

These are oddball, but by far the position that’s most dangerous to credibility in motoring circles is that I actually despise the Eagle Speedster. I think it’s desperately overrated.

(James Lipman/Eagle)

This is the car that Clarkson famously declared was the most beautiful thing he had ever seen, and since then, throngs have decided it is too. There was a poll over at Speed Machines a few weeks back on the most beautiful car, and it was amazing how many people were willing to trample on the Lamborghini Miura, and the Talbot-Lago teardrop, and the Alfa Romeo 8C, to barrack for the Speedster. And not the Porsche 356 Speedster.

Yes, the craftsmanship is amazing. I’ll even agree that it is beautiful. And you might be wondering what the problem is, then.

Well, to illustrate, take George Clooney. He’s a Jaguar E-Type of men; someone who is widely loved and revered for being so good-looking, some say the best-looking actor ever. It’s possible an Enzo Ferrari-type figure in the field even said so.

And then someone does this to him:

It's not awful. In fact, had we never seen the original George Clooney, he would look terrific. But we have, and this is my point.

Aesthetically, the Eagle Speedster is an E-Type that’s been injected with Botox. The sculpture is still all there, but the petite-ness is gone. That lovely, slinky Jaguar petite-ness that's just as much a component of the design's beauty as the flowing curves. It's gone.

The genuine and original E-Type.

Yes, the Eagle still looks good. But for all the technical improvements and the lovelier seats that it's brought to the E-Type, it certainly hasn't made the E-Type more beautiful. So when it comes beauty contest time - for goodness sake, let the E-Type do it for the team.