- Loved the review.

Why The Grand Tour's S3 E5 was their best episode yet

The Grand Tour hasn't always shown the best of what these three can do together. They always seem to have overdone it. There were, however, some gems in the past episodes, like the Le Mans film, the Rally film, and the Holy Trinity. But the fizz wasn't quite there.

Well, it's GOOD NEEWWSS!!

This new one, Episode 5 of Season 3, is surely in the right direction. We had two pretty neat reviews, a really good conversation street which was actually quite funny - the previous ones were too focused on insulting each other than ranting about cars - and the Jim Clark film was, as felt by almost all GT watchers, the best of the entire show so far. Why was this better than all the previous episodes?

The reviews had really good content

Car reviews done by these three have always been very entertaining. James had a good view on the Alpine, drove it on the track, where he probably never has been before, and found a love for Romain Grosjean.

He's actually bought it!!

Clarkson's Urus review was fantastic. This reminded me of the Top Gear days, when he really tested it by driving halfway up a ski slope and then half-falling down while explaining the car to us. I missed The Stig though, when Abbie was pushing that 911 around the oddly shaped track. Still, 2 reviews in one episode had me smiling.

Conversation Street was actually good

This bit has never been even half as good as the newwsss on Top Gear. But now, it was great! James on his Ferrari's terribleness (or terribility) was quite entertaining, and Hammond informed us about how Mindy's planning to ditch him for a horse. Not TG level for sure, but we're getting there.

*THAT* film...

Hammond has never really been an F1 fan. The only reason why he did that film was probably because neither of the other two could fit in that Lotus 25. They were quite obviously too tall. But, my word, he was epic. One of the greatest films of the show so far, he made all of us realise how great Jim Clark was.

He is brave, this bloke.

Also, he pronounced "Vettel", "Fettle", the way it should be pronounced. Well done sir.

So there you go. The huge adventures are all very nice, but can we have more of this?!!