Why The Jaguar F-Type Is My Dream Car

Although the Jaguar F-type isn't the most expensive or quickest car in the world, it is my dream car. In this article I discuss reasons why...

The Jaguar F-Type is a two door sports car that was first released in 2013 and it's body is based on the JLR D6a platform. This means that the body is all-aluminium. It is the successor to Jaguar's E-Type, of which production ran from 1961 to 1970. The F-Type is also the replacement for the Jaguar XK GT.

The F-Type name was first used on concepts for the XJ-S and the name was first used in 1982, but the 'XJ' model was also used in 1988. However, these projects were cancelled when Ford took over Jaguar in 1989. Instead of developing the new model range for Jaguar, the new management decided that upgrading the production facilities was a higher priority.

A second F-Type concept was unveiled at the Detroit Motor Show in 2000, which had a 3.0 Litre V6 engine. The project was soon cancelled, after the unfortunate death of Geoff Lawson, the Head of Styling at the time.

The C-X16 Concept, which was first seen in 2011, shows many styling ques which can be seen in the F-Type. This includes the 'lipstick' front grille, wrap-around rear lights and the side hinged opening rear window, of which is reminiscent of the 1961 E-Type fastback coupe.

The F-Type was first released in 2013 (as I mentioned earlier). It was initially released as a convertible and it was first seen in Sundance, London. It was then presented at the 2012 Paris Motor Show and the 2013 Goodwood Festival of Speed.. The coupe was then unveiled at the 2013 Los Angeles Auto Show, Tokyo Motor Show and the 2013 Jaguar Academy of Sport Annual Awards. The F-Type SVR was then unveiled at the 2016 Geneva Motor Show. This was available in coupe and convertible body styles. The coupe variant of the SVR has a top speed of 322 Km/h, or 200 Mph. This is special for Jaguar because it is the first Jaguar road car since the Jaguar XJ220 to reach 200 mph. The convertible variant has a top speed of 194 mph.

I first saw the F-Type in the famous car YouTuber SeenThroughGlass' videos in 2015, when he owned a Jaguar F-Type R. I am a huge fan of the F-Type because it has a lot of similarities to Jaguar's history. It is a special car because it has taken Jaguar a long time and a lot of marketing to release. In essence, a F-Type is an affordable sports car. It has great performance specs, with the SVR having a top speed of 200 mph, and it is greatly functional, as it has 310L boot volume. This means that it is more functional than the likes of Aston Martin's DB11. which has boot volume of 270L.

One day I hope to have a F-Type in my garage and to go on roadtrips and tours, just like Sam from SeenThroughGlass did 3 years ago. A car is for driving and that is what I hope to do.

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