Why the Land Rover Defender is the best off-roader ever

A Brief look into the Defender's legendary capability

2y ago

So, the defender - famed for being unbelievably good and, like most old British cars being not very reliable, this may to some extent be a bit true, but the defender makes up for it in many ways.

Firstly it is one of the best engineered vehicles ever built, right up there with cars like the Veyron and the McLaren F1. The humble land rover may not boast a 200+ mph top speed, but it is still a brilliant piece of British engineering. How, you may ask, be patient, you're about to find out: Firstly it has probably the best low range gearbox ever fitted to any car ever, the defender's gearbox can make it go low enough that it will climb 60 or 70 degree gradients, or pull objects weighing in excess of 15 tonnes, this gearbox means the defender will just keep on going no matter how much you throw at it. Also it has a great central locking differential which (for you 4x4 novices) basically locks all 4 wheels together so if one wheel is bogged done it won't spin when you put your foot down - instead, all 4 wheels turn at the same speed as the stuck one - this means that the defender is amazing at getting itself unstuck from incredibly hostile places. Finally the drive system is unbelievably good for off-roading, not only is it brilliantly engineered to provide maximum torque and traction, the axles also allow incredible amounts of wheel articulation, defenders can have all 4 wheels at different extreme angles, allowing it to go over rocky ground easily.

Moving on to the endless scope for modification and the ease of repair that you get with any defender, the amount of modifications that you can do to a defender is unbelievable, common ones include: roof racks, winches, steering guards, rock sliders, off-road tyres and snorkels. This means that with a little time and money you can do pretty well whatever you want to your defender to make it even better off road. Also the defender is remarkably simple and easy to fix, even jobs like the clutch and the head gasket aren't that difficult and (thanks to the ground clearance) could be done on a driveway with a bit of mechanical knowledge and a YouTube guide, this means that if (well, more likely when) your defender breaks down you can fix it yourself - which keeps running costs down.

Finally the defender is tougher than any other off-roader out there, you may go on about the land cruiser which to be honest is my reliable by quite a long way, but I said tough, not reliable, even a bog standard defender will take hundreds of knocks and still be fine, and even if you do get a dent, it just a story you can tell your mates and no big deal, although they may rust a bit, you can sort that out with a weekend and a few tins of rustproofing paint. So on the whole, I'm sure you will all agree that the defender is the best off-roader of all time, please share your thoughts in the comments.

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  • I'd wholeheartedly agree. The Defender spans class, age and gender. All things to all people, a true motoring icon on its​ own merit.

      2 years ago
  • G class 😎

      2 years ago