Why the land rover defender is one of the best cars to come out of Britain

Lets have a look at the one of the most famous and iconic British cars.

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So the defender has been through many changes as most car fans will know that the defender started as the 'series one' land rover a great honest car which could handle all terrains. Then it was the series two and the series three but then land rover dropped the series name, introduced the classic land rover defender grill, which was in line with the headlights instead of being behind them and called it the '90' (short wheelbase) '110' (Long wheelbase) and it wasn't as basic as the series models (although it was still quite basic). It was called that until 1983 when it was called the defender, they changed the name because of the introduction of the discovery model. But now lets have a look at why i think the defender is so great.

Its so versatile

The defender is known for being brilliant in the off road department, so great in fact that the army brought a load of them and customised it so it was more suitable for the army (know as the wolf) with a wading depth of 500mm you could really go anywhere and it had a High/low range gearbox plus a diff lock so you were really spoiled for choice when it came to off roading.

The different model types and what could do with them

Other than the 90 and 110 versions of the defender there was a 130/127 version which was effectively a pick up but the way you can modify them is amazing, some have turned them into campers, even some people use them for transporting there dogs around. The possibilities are endless.

Its heritage

Land rover really loves its history, they even released the heritage defender for when they sadly announced that the defender is ending its production spanning 67 years, it came in Grasmere green and only 400 units were made, they also did a adventure edition and a autobiography edition.

So my verdict?

A brilliant off roader which can tackle any ENVIRONMENT.

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  • Loved my old Defender. Sadly now gone to the big scrapyard in the sky....

      2 years ago