Why the McLaren 600lt makes no sense against the 570s.

Why buy a $240000 Mclaren 600lt when you can buy a Mclaren 570s and tune it?

The Mclaren 600lt is the newest addition to the Mclaren range. It beens only the fourth car in Mclaren's history to use the LT or 'long-tail' name. The Mclaren 600lt is a track focused version of the Mclaren 570s that alreadys exists. Mclaren states that it car is supposed "to push performance and driving to the absolute edge", and uses marketing nonsense like "This is not a car for the faint-hearted. This is a track animal let loose on the road", what a load of crap. Look, before all of your drivetribers get mad at me and start flooding the comment section calling me a hater and a cock who doesn't know what he's talking about. Let me explain my point of view.

First of all, the Mclaren 600lt like it states in its name, has 600 horsepower which is only 30 more horsepower than its road cousin; the 570s. Of course bundled with the 96kg weight loss Mclarens engineers were able to achieve allows it to go from 0-60mph in 2.8s rather than the 3 seconds it takes in the 570s. However, in order to achieve such weight loss, the Mclaren 600lt does not come with air conditioning, navigation and audio. Of course, the Mclaren snob would say, 'Oh you half-wit, Mclaren allows you to add those options onto the 600lt at no cost' but would forget that adding these options on will add around 17kg back onto the weight and I don't know about you but I don't want to be sweating wearing a track suit in my $240,000 car at a track, even in my dreams.

Of course, the Mclaren 600lt has cool exhaust that exist from the top of the car than the rear which I will say is a very cool exterior modification. However, does the track readiness and the lightness of the car justify the $60,000 extra one has to pay than the Mclaren 570s? This is where, my friends I have the solution. In order to have a car thats even cooler than the Mclaren 600lt, this is what you need; a used Mclaren 570s, carbon fiber exterior mods, a novitec exhaust and a tune. it would be faster than a Mclaren 600lt and it would be even bonkers than anything on the road.

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