Why the McLaren Speedtail can't be sold in America

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The much-hyped McLaren Speedtail was finally revealed today, packing 1050hp, a gorgeous aerodynamically optimised teardrop shape, and the revival of the firm's iconic central driving position.

However, fans in the USA might struggle to see one in the metal because it falls foul of strict regulations.

Like the Audi e-tron, the Speedtail has rear-facing cameras in place of traditional mirrors, which is against American legislation. With the McLaren so focussed on being slippery for its 250mph top speed, we asked McLaren how compensating for making the car legal across the pond might affect aerodynamics.

However, the mirrors are the least of its problems. A McLaren spokesperson told us: "The car is not homologated for the U.S. – the primary issue being the sale of a three-seat configuration in the USA – it doesn’t allow us to meet safety regulations required.

"American customers are aware of this, and once the production run of cars has finished, and at the discretion of the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, it may be possible for US owners to privately import their cars into the US, using the Show or Display process."

That process requires proving the car has "historical or technological significance," which shouldn't be too difficult...

Want to know more about the Speedtail? Check out the reveal article below!

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  • Sad Jay Leno

    18 days ago
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  • That's a crying shame that is a beautiful car love to see it driving down the road and not sitting around collecting dust

    1 month ago


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