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My Tuesday this week was sadly spent clearing out the house of a family member who recently passed away. Going to a funeral was not exactly how I planned to my 18th birthday weekend. After several hours of clearing we had produced enough rubbish to fill an entire bin lorry.

it's like putting a sock down your underpants

It was decided that a cousin and I would go to the dump whilst another cousin went to the Chippy. This excited me, as it meant I could go for a ride in my cousins Mercedes A200 AMG. From the window it looked so mean like a Tiger, ready to pounce on its pray. Fully blacked out, it looked like the ultimate hot hatch.

After the car was loaded with as many bin bags as possible I got in and was greeted with a laptop screen which loaded up the home screen of an iPhone. As the Sat Nav loaded up the route my cousin pulled away and even on the rough roads of Greater Manchester the A200 kept us in comfort and even smoothed out the deepest of potholes and biggest of bumps.

However, there is one big issue with the A200. It isn’t very fast. In fact scrap that, it is slow. Several times on the drive to and from the dump, the accelerator was planted and the car was slow. The engine is a 1.6L petrol engine with 153 Horsepower. You get more of a kick from a Vauxhall Meriva 1.6 then an AMG 1.6. I was disappointed by the Acceleration. For an ‘AMG Line’ it was absolutely pathetic. It got killed off at the traffic lights by a lad in a Corsa. How Tragic.

As well as being slower than the Queen walking up a flight of stairs the A200 lacked space. With the back seats folded down there wasn’t enough room for the driver. As my cousin and I are quite tall there wasn’t enough leg room. In some circumstances this could be dangerous and it’s also very uncomfortable. Especially for the driver.

Overall the A200’s exterior is a bit of a show off, it’s like putting a sock down your underpants. It looks good and girls might find you attractive but when it comes to performance it just disappoints.

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  • I had a drive in the new A180d yesterday. The performance was ok, nothing to write home about though. I'd be interested to see how it compares to the new 200 tho.

      2 years ago