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Why the MINI Cooper (preferabley the Cooper S) is the best first car. In my opinion the MINI Cooper S is the best first car. The reason for this is because i think the MINI is different to every other boring thing on the road. I love the cutsie looks and the bonkers interior. In the centre of the dash there is a huge speedo. I remember when my dad had a MINI and we all loved it for those reason's and the driving experience. Another reason for why it is the perfect car is that for the majority of the time, you will just be carrying yourself and occasionally another person. And the MINI will be practical enough. And if you fold down the rear seats you could fit all your shopping in it. However if you do carry more than two people i recomend looking at the Honda Civic. The third reason for buying the MINI is you can buy one whatever your budget. I have been on autotrader and found MINI's ranging from the price of £300 to £6000 for models up to around 2012. I will agree £6000 is a lot for a first car but if you still have a few years until you get your driving license then prices will drop. Now the last reason is why i said to preferably get the Cooper S. This is because I'm sure you will want some performance from your car. So the S is perfect. Those are my 4 reasons for why you should buy a MINI Cooper as your first car.

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  • I do like the GT86. It is a good sporty option if you don't need something practical and you just want a fun car.

      6 months ago
  • I say the Civic is best

      6 months ago
    • Sport Hatch to be exact*, or a FRS, BRZ, GT86...

        6 months ago