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Why the most hated Porsche 911 may be the best

Porsche 996. Has all been forgotten?

3y ago

Porsche use internal designations to categorise their 911 models. The 996 was the Porsche 911 from model year 1998 until 2004. It was replaced in 2005 by the 997.

Following the very popular air-cooled type 993, the Porsche 996 was probably the most hated of all 911s. It divided Porsche purists as it was the first 911 to feature a water-cooled engine. This was reflected in its resale values.

The 996 lacked the character of the 993 and the styling was criticised. In Particular the headlight shape in the early models. The "fried egg" headlights underwent a restyling in 2002 for the generation 2 996.

The 996 also had significant engine issues. This could lead to major engine failure. Some of these problems actually carried over to the earlier model 997s.

So is it still the most hated 911 model? Market prices of the 996 are starting to rise so maybe all has been forgotten?

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Comments (16)

  • I have owned a 996 drop top for 8 years, and will continue to enjoy it for the foreseeable future. The IMS issue is perhaps more with Americans who drive these cars like a Buick. It’s not a iron block 350 back there! Let it warm up slowly, then drive it hard but sensibly . The last few miles take it easy, let it cool down, idle in the garage for a minute or two. Most importantly CHANGE THE ENGINE AND GEARBOX OIL FREQUENCY!!! Now go get ya some!

      3 years ago
  • 2004 and 2005 were great car years but 2006 wasn’t as lots of good cars went out of production and there wasn’t anything new that was groundbreaking

      2 years ago
  • Could not agree more! Saw this video more than a year ago. At the price,it is a no brainer!

      3 years ago
  • This is my favourite shape 911 - it looks the least like a Beetle.

      3 years ago
  • Great video on a great car. I have a 2002 C2 , drive it every day and love it. With an electronic chip it pushes 360 HP, enough. A friend of mine has a 993 and says mine drives better. If you can get to drive one you'll be a convert. Change the oil often, oil is cheaper than a new engine. Stay away from Mobil and you'll have an awesome car that you can actually drive, instead of a garage queen. Thanks!

      10 months ago