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Why the Mustang Mach-E is a disappointment to its name

Today we take a deep dive into why Ford Motor Company ruined the Mustang name and what the future holds for the brand.

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As the world changes, companies must change with it. However not all changes are necessary. Look at the disgusting Mustang Mach-E Ford released earlier in 2020. A midsized electric SUV, with the name "Mustang". It is almost as though they are marketing to a middle age soccer mom. Nothing about this car embodies the name it brandishes.

How does Ford decide to take the most American car in their line-up and make it not only a SUV, but also electric. The Mustang is supposed to represent untamed power, speed, smoking tires, and freedom. Where is the rumble of the V8 when the powertrain has been swapped for a communistic electric one. Mustang has lost its name, and it can no longer live up to what it has meant for decades. A two door All American Muscle car that the average man can afford. An escape from the world to let freedom ring off the abandoned buildings while he tears up the streets of Detroit.

For decades the Mustang has been direct power sent to drive the rear wheels from a massive V8. It has been about pushing the horsepower numbers to no end. Now more than ever there is a disconnect between Ford and the meaning of the Mustang lovers. With the introduction of an electric vehicle, the passion behind the downshift before turning into a hairpin will be lost.

Mustang has never been associated with electric cars, so why is Ford ruining the meaning of the name. "Mustang" should be reserved solely to the pony cars. If they are trying to make a sporty SUV to compete with other electric vehicles on the market, then change the damn name for a new line. Why change the meaning of shredding tires, and racing down the street when the light turns green. Even though Ford attempted to make it resemble and perform similar to the Mustang, it just will never do the name justice.

With Ford looking into the future and creating more electric cars, I believe that the name Mustang will now change from the car to a whole line of performance vehicles. Ford is essentially using the name to boost sales for other models. We might even begin to see Mustang sedans, hatches, and maybe even the F-150. It is a sad day to see the change to accommodate the small percent of the market. Ford has created what will forever be know as a disappointment to the Mustang name.

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  • Honestly mustang-E makes Tesla look like super model

      1 month ago
  • that is so true

      1 month ago
  • Once they removed the Focus and Fiesta I kinda just lost hope. Now this? 😤

      3 days ago